Novitus Next Online + GoPOS Basic 12 months

Looking for a modern fiscal cash register for your gastromy business? Opt for proven and universal equipment such as Novitus Next Online. Purchase the device together with one-year GoPOS Basic sales software and start selling today!

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 Novitus Next Online + GoPOS Basic 12 months
Looking for a modern fiscal cash register for your

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Set Novitus Next Online + GoPOS Basic License 12 months

Discover<strong>Novitus Next Online</strong>

DiscoverNovitus Next Online

The Model Next Online is one of the flagship products of the Novitus manufacturer, which is one of the undisputed leaders among Polish companies producing fiscal equipment for catering industry. The fiscal cash register enriched with GoPOS sales software can be an independent point of sale, but it can also serve as a comprehensive equipment of an establishment.

  • It also works in offline mode
  • Ideal for smaller catering businesses
  • Does not take up much space
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<strong>GoPOS Basic</strong>

GoPOS Basic

GoPOS is an innovative, fast and intuitive sales system designed primarily for people associated with the catering industry. The software runs on Android and Windows and allows for comprehensive management of the premises from the level of the computer or any personal device. GoPOS Basic, due to its specificity, is addressed to smaller premises.

  • Highest data security
  • Intuitive sales software
  • Designed for smaller catering establishments
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Now in a package!

Now in a package!

Do not wait and select today Set Novitus Next Online enriched with GoPOS Basic sales software for a period of 12 months. Remember that when you decide to purchase the package a considerable part of cash stays in your wallet.

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The set includes: Novitus Next Online + 12-month GoPOS Basic license.
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