Set Posnet Thermal XL Online + License GoPOS Pro 12 months

Looking for a quality fiscal printer at a lower price? Choose the model XL Online in a bundle with the reliable sales software GoPOS Pro for a period of 12 months and take care of the highest possible standard of customer service. Don't wait and get the best for your business today!

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 Set Posnet Thermal XL Online + License GoPOS Pro 12 months
Looking for a quality fiscal printe

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Set of Posnet Thermal XL Online fiscal printer + GoPOS Pro licence 12 months

Bet on <strong>Thermal XL Online</strong>

Bet on Thermal XL Online

The Thermal XL Online combines high functionality and reliability. The equipment guarantees smooth and failure-free operation regardless of the level of traffic in the restaurant. It is successfully used where there is a high rotation of tables and short customer service time is extremely important. The XL Online is one of the most frequently selected fiscal printers by our customers.

  • Premium class fiscal printer
  • The highest quality of workmanship
  • Fast and faultless printing of receipts
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<strong>GoPOS PRO</strong>


GoPOS is a modern, innovative and failure-free sales system designed for catering establishments. It enables comprehensive and professional management of an establishment from a desktop computer or any personal device. The application runs on both Android and Windows and is ideal for any catering business.

  • Detailed sales reports
  • Highest data security
  • Designed for all types of restaurants
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Bet on the package!

Bet on the package!

Choose a set of fiscal printer Posnet Thermal XL Online + sales software GoPOS Pro for 12 months at a special promotional price. Take care of the highest quality solutions for your premises and improve the process of guest service.

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The set includes a POS touch terminal and GoPOS Pro sales software.

Posnet Thermal XL Online + GoPOS Pro license 12 months.
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