Android POS Terminal 15”

The 15” POS terminal, like its predecessor, works on the Android 6.0 operating system. The device is equipped with a touch-sensitive, slightly larger display that will allow your employees to conduct quick and effective sales. It is intended for all types of gastronomic points, as well as for restaurant chains. The tablet is resistant to damage and has a durable, elegant casing.

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 Android POS Terminal 15”
The 15” POS terminal, like its predecessor, works on the Android 6.0 oper

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Android 15” POS Terminal - designed with your business in mind

Are you looking for a proven device for your restaurant? Get to know the features of our POS Terminal and choose a device that will stay with you for longer!

Discover the advantages of the Android POS Terminal 15”

Discover the advantages of the Android POS Terminal 15”

With the help of a touch-sensitive POS terminal, waiters are able to easily and effectively conduct sales in the premises. The device runs on Android, which ensures perfect compatibility with GoPOS software, and at the same time guarantees stability and reliability. The equipment has a small size and elegant, modern design.

  • Fast in action
  • 15 inch touch sensitive screen
  • High quality
  • Can be installed anywhere
Successor to the previous flagship

Successor to the previous flagship

As the saying goes, "the king is dead, long live the king". The Android 15” POS Terminal is a larger version of its predecessor, the Android 14” POS Terminal. The device is still an alternative and a competition for more expensive POS computers, at the same time offering a sensational price-quality ratio. As in the case of the previous model, the purchase of the newer model is possible only directly from us or from our business partners.

  • Sensational price-quality ratio
  • Successor to the previous flagship
  • An alternative to more expensive POS terminals
Compact size and larger screen

Compact size and larger screen

The Android 15” POS terminal, despite the slightly larger display, retained its compact size, for which it has been loved by existing users. The device, like its predecessor, has the option of installing an additional handle, which will allow it to be placed on the wall in the premises, thanks to which it can also be used as equipment supporting the work of chefs - KDS solution. The monitor has a resolution of 1920 * 1080 in Full HD technology, which will provide users with a high comfort of work. In addition, thanks to numerous expansion ports, it can be connected to devices such as: fiscal printer, voucher printer or cash register.

  • 15 inch screen with 1920 * 2080 Full HD resolution
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC wireless connectivity
  • 3 USB inputs
  • 2 GB of RAM

Technical data

Screen diagonale15 inches
Screen aspect ratio4:3
Screen resolution1024 x 768
Operating systemWindows

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Now also in set

Now also in set

Check out the perfect sets with our Android 15 ”POS Terminal! The package includes both the device itself, additionally extended with the Basic or Pro package with an annual license, as well as the recommended equipment along with the preloaded system that will best suit your business. Take care of the comprehensive equipment of the restaurant today and choose the best offer according to your preferences! The POS touch terminal is our flagship product, so we constantly make every effort to ensure that it meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Choose proven equipment with a proven system and remember - the set always comes out cheaper!

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Created with your business in mind

Created with your business in mind

The Android POS terminal is the most popular choice of our customers. The device will be perfect for smaller eateries, such as a food truck or cafe, and those with greater traffic, such as a music club or restaurant. It is also successfully active in the hotel industry and amusement parks.

  • Perfect for any type of gastronomy
  • It will also be used in amusement parks and hotels
  • Selection no. 1 among our customers
  • Compact size

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