Sunmi D2s Lite terminal + License GoPOS Pro 12 months

Choose a bundle and purchase a touch POS terminal with one year of GoPOS Pro software at a new, lower price. Package availability may be irregular, so don't delay and ensure the highest standard of service in your establishment today.

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 Sunmi D2s Lite terminal + License GoPOS Pro 12 months
Choose a bundle and purchase a **touch P

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Set of Sunmi D2s Lite terminal + License Pro 12 months

Buy <strong>Sunmi D2s Lite terminal</strong>

Buy Sunmi D2s Lite terminal

The Sunmi D2s Lite terminal is designed for all types of food service outlets. The device is distinguished by its high quality and modern design. The large, easy-to-read screen makes Sunmi D2s Lite perfect not only as a POS, but also finds use in the kitchen as a screen for the KDS system. This highly accurate, modern device is fully compatible with GoPOS systems, and its reliability is confirmed by many restaurateurs.

  • Stable point of sale
  • Modern POS terminal
  • Highest quality workmanship
  • Running on Android 7.1 system
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<strong>GoPOS Pro</strong>


GoPOS is a modern, innovative and failure-free sales system designed for catering establishments. It enables comprehensive and professional management of an establishment from a desktop computer or any personal device. The application works on both Android and Windows systems and is perfect for any catering outlet.

  • Quick sale
  • Also works offline in the absence of internet connection
  • Highest data security
  • Expandable with additional applications
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Bet on a package!

Choose the Sunmi D2s Lite terminal with GoPOS Pro sales software for a period of 12 months at a promotional price and save even PLN 238. The number of packages is limited so do not hesitate and take care of the highest standard of service in your premises today.

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The set includes: Sunmi D2s Lite terminal + 12-month GoPOS Pro license.
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