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Integration with Uber Eats

Use integration with external systems to simplify work in the premises and manage all online orders from one device.

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Take orders in one place

Do you use POS, Uber Eats and your own website on separate devices? Take all orders on one tablet.

  • Accept orders with one click on the POS screen
  • Pass orders directly to the kitchen
  • Cancel orders when necessary

Use one management device

Did you know that the installation of the integration is very simple and will significantly facilitate the management of your online business?

  • Use the customer base in one place
  • Analyze reports and statements in the sales system
  • Change the menu at any time
  • Manage your own delivery zones
  • Use drivers from Uber Eats

Speed up online order fulfillment

Customers are more and more willing to order food online. Make it simple and convenient for them.

  • Don't waste time checking orders on different devices
  • Fulfill orders faster and increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate possible mistakes in orders when delivering meals
Reduce order receipt time by
Reduce errors by
Save on devices up to
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