Self-service kiosk GoKiosk

GoKiosk is an application that allows your guests to place orders and make payments on their own. Bet on your customers' comfort, speed up the service in your premises and increase your innovativeness. Choose a new solution with which you will reduce service to a minimum and automate the necessary processes.

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 Self-service kiosk GoKiosk
GoKiosk is an application that allows your guests to place orders a

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Self-service kiosks at our locations are additional employees who efficiently take our customers' orders thanks to which we reduce staffing costs. In addition, our customers are very satisfied with the possibility of self-ordering - they are free to choose products at their own pace and the visual presentation of the order minimizes the possibility of confusion. At the moment, almost 40% of orders at one of our locations are handled by kiosks.

Tomasz Zyguła
Director, Nano Kebab

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System to improve customer service

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How does it work in a catering establishment?

Find out how simple it can be to use the system in your catering business!

Reduce handling time to a minimum

Reduce handling time to a minimum

Let your guests order independently and solve the problem of queues. Use an innovative system to speed up customer service and reduce staff service to a minimum.

  • Streamline your guest service process
  • Take orders quickly and securely
  • Serve more guests
Automate information flow

Automate information flow

Streamline your workflow! Receive contactless placed orders directly in the kitchen and proceed to their immediate processing. Save time on traditional order processing and eliminate unwanted errors.

  • Speed up the flow of information in your establishment
  • Reduce order processing time
  • Increase the comfort and convenience of your staff
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Speed up service even more!

Speed up service even more!

Place TV screens in your premises and display the numbers of accepted orders. Inform the customer of the order status and when the dish is ready for pick-up.

  • Eliminate unnecessary queues around checkouts
  • Keep customers updated on what is happening with their orders
  • Streamline your serving process and remove the need to shout at guests
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Use the self-service kiosk in the retail or service sector

Provide your customers with fast and convenient service in retail and service businesses too! Opt for modern solutions that will attract the attention of consumers and set you apart from the competition.

Achieve contactless retail sales

Achieve contactless retail sales

Improve customer service and ensure greater satisfaction with fast service by equipping your shop with additional sales counters.

  • Allow visitors to go through the entire purchasing process completely independently
  • Use the kiosk to display your own promotional or advertising material
  • Accept loyalty solutions, such as loyalty cards, by supplementing your software with the GoClient system
Sell admission tickets also without contact

Sell admission tickets also without contact

Place kiosks in service points such as gyms, cinemas or theatres and allow customers to buy entrance tickets completely contactless.

  • Eliminate queues and speed up the entrance ticket purchasing process
  • Improve the operation of reception and traditional cash registers by introducing additional points of sale
  • Increase the average bill value by offering additional products or services that perfectly complement the consumer's purchase
Dedicated device

Dedicated device

You want to introduce the GoKiosk system in your premises, but you don't know which equipment to choose? Match the solution to the needs of your business thanks to the universality of the application.

  • Use the system on 14 inch screens
  • Choose the equipment you will place on the counter
  • Introduce special stand kiosks and place them in a designated area of your premises
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For whom is this solution?

For whom is this solution?

Wondering where the GoKiosk applications can best be used? The system will find application in places with a high volume of customers, where the speed of service is particularly important. The solution works perfectly in

  • Fast food outlets
  • Food trucks
  • Cafes and establishments where customers frequently order take-aways
  • Retail shops
  • Places that sell tickets, such as cinemas and theatres
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