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For restaurants
For retail
Up to -19%
For cafes, food trucks, clubs and restaurants
Net monthly price when purchasing an annual license. You save 11%.
Unlimited number of printersAndroid saleMobile salesAccess to the cloud base (via WWW)Free updatesOnline reportsOffline salesOnline support for fiscal printersTable serviceDiscounts and tipsInvoices for the receiptIntegration with eService terminalsTime recordingAdditional sales stand +29.00 PLN*Additional sales stand +39.00 PLN
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Chosen by 62% of customers
For medium-size restaurants, cafe, clubs and pizzerias
Net monthly price when purchasing an annual license. You save 19%.
Includes Basic package +
Advanced/defined reportsPersonalized permission groupsAdvanced discountsAvailability according to the promotion calendarUnlimited number of employeesUnlimited number of defined menusReservations for a tablePersonalized payment methodsAdditional sales stand +59.00 PLN*Additional sales stand +69.00 PLN
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For chain of venues, amusement parks, aqua parks and individual solutions
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Extra software
Expand the functionality of the system according to your needs.
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GoOrder - from 129 PLN
Your own online shop and e-menu for your premises. Sell takeaway food with personal collection or delivery without intermediaries.
GoHub - from 129 PLN
Integrate with the most popular portals like Uber Eats, Glovo, Pyszne.pl, Wolt and more - manage all your orders in one place.
Telephone exchange - from 49 PLN
Application for taking phone orders. Receive orders in a convenient way and store them all on your POS.
Application for drivers - from 89 PLN
Application to manage private suppliers. Control the work of your drivers and distribute orders freely among them.
E-menu - from 49 PLN
Introduce contactless ordering, reduce the number of waiters you employ and cut down on guest service time.
GoKiosk - from 199 PLN
Self-service kiosk for placing orders. Reduce queues and speed up service times for guests.
GoStock - from 89 PLN
Warehouse application - Manage your purchased goods more efficiently and stock your warehouse anywhere, anytime.
Inventory app - from 99 PLN
A system for a quick inventory. Carry out a quick and precise inventory using a mobile phone, scales and barcodes.
Kitchen Display System (KDS) - from 79 PLN
A system to improve communication between the room and the kitchen. Display orders directly on the screen in the kitchen and process them flawlessly. 
GoClient / GoCRM - from 79 PLN
Loyalty application. Reward regular customers with discounts and attract new guests by generating attractive discounts and promotions.
Numbers - from 79 PLN
Application to display order numbers on the TV screen in your premises. Increase guest satisfaction and process orders faster and without mistakes.
Roomservice - from 159 PLN
Use QR codes to improve guest dining ordering directly from their hotel room.
Integration with hotels - from 89 PLN
Connect your GoPOS sales system with your hotel application and bill your guests more efficiently.
Select fiscal equipment, interactive touch screen or tablet and accessories according to your requirements.
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Fiscal printer
Necessary in your premises. The offer includes fiscal and voucher printers
POS Terminal
A POS computer with a touch panel, equipped with modern components
Portable and functional, it will facilitate the work of e.g. waiters
Additional hardware such as order displays, proximity reader, cash drawer and more
Implementation and support
Integrate the entire system according to your expectations.
Training implementation
Our specialists will ensure the implementation and integration of the entire system
Technical support
Use the experienced technical facilities via chat / phone

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Tips and answers from the GoPOS team

The license can be paid with a payment card or a traditional transfer to the account number given on the generated proforma. Connecting a payment card is a much faster and more convenient process.
For Android, follow the directions on your mobile device after installing the GoPOS app from Google Play. When logging in, the PIN for the demo version is: 1111. In the case of Windows, we install the GoPOS program with the file received from the company. We go through the installation process according to the messages on the screen. Logging in to the sales application is available via an e-mail address and password, such as for the website.
You can opt out of using the system at any time. It does not involve any additional costs. The system will automatically lock after 14 days. To get access again, select the appropriate license and activate it. The first pro-forma invoice will be automatically generated for the fee, which is provided for 14 days.
You can change the package yourself after logging into your account. You can switch from a higher to a lower package only from the next billing period.
It is not necessary to purchase additional software. However, by purchasing them, we can increase the functionality of our system, e.g. by a warehouse module or KDS.
If a payment card is attached to the account, the invoice is automatically sent to the email specified by the customer, and the account is debited with the appropriate amount. Thanks to this solution, the system will not be blocked by the lack of a license fee. In a situation where the card is not connected, a proforma invoice is issued, which is then sent to the customer for payment. Documents can also be downloaded at any time from the admin panel by going to: Settings -> Subscription -> Invoices.
In such a case, the funds for the unused period will not be returned to the account. The annual license is cheaper than the monthly license, therefore it is charged in advance. If there is a risk of closing the place, we recommend choosing a monthly licence.
An indispensable device is a fiscal printer that will communicate with the device of your choice (touch terminal, tablet).
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