Mobile Waiter 2.0 - comprehensive service for your guests All in One

From taking orders, to paying by card, among other things, to printing receipts - serve your guests comprehensively, directly at the tables, with the latest version of Mobile Waiter. Increase the comfort of your employees, speed up working time, raise the quality of service and bet on true modernity. Sign up and take part in the test of the new solution - Mobile Waiter 2.0.

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 Mobile Waiter 2.0 - comprehensive service for your guests **All in One**
From taking orders, t
 Mobile Waiter 2.0 - comprehensive service for your guests **All in One**
From taking orders, t

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How does it work?

Check out how Mobile Waiter 2.0 works and see how fast your service can become!

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All-in-one service. Take orders, receive payments and print receipts on one device - right at your guests' tables!

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Accelerate sales, reduce customer service time and conduct flawless order processing. All with the help of Mobile Waiter 2.0!

Customer service - modern and reliable

Eliminate to zero the unnecessary running to the POS to take orders from your customers. Add them in a few clicks and send them straight to the kitchen. Choose a modern solution to perform the entire service process on one device.

  • Take orders in 3 clicks
  • Reduce service time by 30%
  • Eliminate mistakes and process orders flawlessly
  • Use graphical menus and show photos of dishes on the device
  • Serve in any conditions, even during a temporary lack of internet
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Show your guests what instant service means

Improve customer satisfaction and sell more with fast order processing. Reduce bill wait time to a minimum and remember - faster table turnover = more guests served in less time.

  • Set up card payments and accept them directly at the tables
  • Accept payment and print a receipt with one click
  • Combine and split bills any way you want
  • Charge discounts and rebates directly to orders
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Choose a device for your Mobile Waiters 2.0!

Check out dedicated mobile terminals to make your service process All in One!

Discover dedicated devices

Discover dedicated devices

Get to know iMin Swift, Sunmi V2s and PAX A920 - dedicated devices for Mobile Waiters 2.0. The terminals are equipped with a printer, so you can seamlessly accept card payments and print receipts for your customers - right at the tables! The devices are distinguished by durable construction, modern design and high resistance to work in any conditions. Check which mobile terminals you will find in our offer:

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