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GoOrder allows you to create your own online ordering store. It has many improvements for online sales, and thanks to its simple configuration, it allows you to manage meals with your own pickup and delivery to the address indicated. GoOrder available in the promotion: PLN 99 / month.

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GoOrder shops

GoOrder shops

Check what the online store looks like

Are you curious what the GoOrder store looks like? We have prepared a few examples taking into account different types of business. Check what your new online sales place can look like!

  • Restaurant:
  • Pizzeria:
  • Cafe:
  • Food Truck:
  • Club:


Simple online store setup

Any configuration of the menu

Setting up your own store does not have to be difficult and complicated. The management panel in GoOrder is easy to learn and very intuitive, thanks to which the configuration of the menu is done in a few clicks. The management panel enables:

  • Real-time changes
  • Access to the website layout wizard
  • Add photos and product descriptions
  • Create product categories
  • Assign add-ons to selected products

Create delivery zones

Defining the delivery zone is crucial when delivering orders to the indicated address. Appropriate setting of delivery zones will allow you to plan the delivery of meals so that the delivery distance is adequate to the delivery fee.

  • Possibility to create any number of delivery zones
  • Assigning a delivery fee to a selected zone
  • Entering the minimum order value

Choice of payment methods

Payments in the GoOrder store can be configured according to your needs and possibilities. There are many methods available for the customer to pay for the order:

  • Traditional bank transfer
  • BLIK
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Voucher
Increasing sales up to
Savings on commission costs up to
Reduction of service time up to

Front of House

Order handling

On-site orders

Let customers order by limiting contact with the waiter. After scanning, the QR code placed on the table takes the customer to the store's website and allows you to place an order and make a payment in a non-contact manner.

  • menu in several languages
  • on-site orders at the place

Orders for a specific date

Create a menu for special occasions or holidays, set availability for selected days and let customers order in advance for a specific date.

  • special menu for different occasions
  • execution of orders for the selected date

Orders with delivery

Online food ordering continues to grow in popularity. Manage your delivery orders easily and quickly.

  • fast order fulfillment
  • integration with courier companies

Orders with personal collection

Pickup of orders in person also has its supporters. It allows you to place an order online while on the way to the selected premises and pick it up directly on the spot.

  • easy collection of orders at the place
  • efficient order fulfillment

Receiving telephone orders

GoOrder enables taking telephone orders and creating an integrated customer base. By recognizing the number, you can easily personalize orders for a specific customer.

  • creating your own customer base
  • personalizing discounts and promotions

Other GoOrder functions

Sale online

Integrated online sales

Integration with external portals

When choosing an ordering system, pay attention to the high integration capacity. Thanks to them, the user has access to many amenities in one place, including:

  • Automatic changes in the menu
  • Acceptance / cancellation of orders
  • Cumulative comparative reports
  • Information about the sources of the largest number of orders

We offer integration with Uber Eats, and soon with other portals

Integration with courier companies

The use of private couriers from external shipping companies is very common. When deciding to choose an online store, it is worth betting on the one that has integration with courier companies.

  • Quick acceptance of the implementation by the driver
  • Short waiting time for the customer for delivery
  • Managing drivers in one panel

Integration with GoPOS and KDS

GoOrder is fully integrated with the GoPOS system. The order placed by the customer automatically goes to the screens of tablets or computers, and the KDS (Kitchen Display System) system allows you to directly display it on the TV screen in the kitchen and place it in the queue system.

  • Streamlining the order preparation process
  • Elimination of errors in communication between employees
  • Shortening the time from receipt to order preparation
  • Possibility to import the menu from the sales system to the online store

Application for drivers

Supplier management speeds up the process of delivering the order to the customer. You can easily and quickly distribute orders between drivers, settle their working hours and control deliveries.

  • Settlement of drivers by hours and kilometers
  • Viewing the location of the driver
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Increase in brand recognition online by
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Back of House

Order handling

How does GoOrder work?

  • The customer places an order online
  • The order goes to the screen of the POS or other device and waits for approval
  • After approval, it is sent automatically to the kitchen
  • The driver receives information about the ready order for collection
  • The driver delivers the order to the customer

How to receive orders?

With GoOrder, all orders are in one place, but can come from different sources. The system integrated with POS will allow you to accept orders through:

  • website www
  • external portals
  • telephone

Reports and analyzes - management

Managing the online store and drivers is very simple and intuitive. All information, reports and analyzes are available in one real-time panel. This allows for:

  • management from any place and device
  • creating comparative reports
  • driver location control
  • simple settlement of deliveries

Implementation and service

Installing and configuring GoPOS is so simple that you can do it yourself. In case of any questions or problems, we remain at your disposal. For demanding customers, we provide premium support 24/7 and our partners are available all over Poland.



GoOrder pricelist

You will never pay a commission on the value of the order your client places. Take advantage of the promotional price for using GoOrder now:

  • 99 PLN / month

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Social Media

Marketing of your store

SMS / e-mail campaigns

Creating a customer base allows you to conduct advertising campaigns. You can use the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of your customers for this purpose. Personalized campaigns allow you to:

  • Sending information about new products
  • Informing about promotions
  • Sending discount codes

Loyalty programs and discount coupons

Rewarding repeat customers is an important part of both direct and online sales. Customers willingly use one-off or permanent promotions. The GoOrder store allows you to:

  • Respecting Loyalty Cards
  • Creation of discount codes
  • Creating a promotion for selected hours or days of the week

GoOrder store in the online world

Currently, online presence is something that must not be underestimated. We understand it perfectly, so we made sure that the GoOrder store was easy to implement, among others in places such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Google My Business

Online store audit

After setting up your online store, our experts will perform a free audit of your store and advise you on what you can change or improve so that the benefits of sales increase constantly. You will get specific marketing tips that will surely shed new light on the activities that you will be able to use in your premises.

GoPOS integration

Integration with external systems

GoPOS is integrated with the most popular solutions on the HoReCa market. We are constantly working on new connections to facilitate running the company.

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