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Do you have a great solution for the HoReCa market or retail industry? Would you like to combine it with GoPOS? Create applications for modern business needs with us! We are systematically developing our offer and are still working on new integrations. Join us today!

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 Integrate with GoPOS!
Do you have a great solution for the HoReCa market or retail industry? W

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A partnership that will benefit both you and your customers!

Join forces with GoPOS and integrate your tool with us! Discover the benefits of integration and see how fast it can be done!

Check out the benefits of joint integration

Check out the benefits of joint integration

Combine your solution with GoPOS and increase the capabilities of your application! Use our API interfaces and develop your offer.

  • Create with us modern solutions for the HoReCa industry or the retail sector
  • Include even more functionality in your application
  • Reach more than 1000 GoPOS customers and attract more with a distinctive solution
  • Increase your reach with our sales network and joint marketing campaigns
Who is our integration programme aimed at?

Who is our integration programme aimed at?

  • Producers of applications for the delivery market
  • Manufacturers of modern hospitality systems
  • Manufacturers of hardware and devices supporting commerce
  • Manufacturers of payment tools
  • Manufacturers of accounting programs
  • Loyalty applications producers
  • Manufacturers of retail solutions

Advantages of common integration

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Endless possibilities for Technology Partners

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Integrations with delivery platforms

Integrations with delivery platforms

Delivery is the future of catering! We offer a range of integrations with online ordering platforms and third party courier companies. Integrations allow customers to:

  • Receive and manage orders from a single POS screen
  • Distribute deliveries to external couriers
  • Report online sales and generate any comparative analysis
  • Quick and real-time menu updates on all platforms simultaneously
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Here are the already available delivery integrations with GoPOS!

Integrations with hotel systems

Integrations with hotel systems

We integrate with hotel software that allows you to speed up guest service and automate hotel operations. Do you create solutions for the hotel industry? Join us!

  • Increase your users' satisfaction with extended functionalities
  • Bet on more modern and complex solutions
  • Connect your application with us today!
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Hotel integrations you can already find in GoPOS!

Integration with hardware and accounting programs

Integration with hardware and accounting programs

GoPOS sales systems offer many useful integrations. They are also fully compatible with most hardware available on the market, such as cash registers and fiscal printers. Are you a manufacturer of sales devices, accounting programs or loyalty applications? Combine them with our software!

  • Expand your possibilities - combine powerful hardware with a reliable sales system
  • Increase sales of your devices
  • Connect solutions quickly thanks to a data structure adapted to key accounting systems
  • Expand your solution also in the HoReCa market or for the retail sector
  • Attract new customers from the industry

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