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The perfect POS solution for a pizzeria

A pizzeria needs dedicated solutions to streamline its business. GoPOS is equipped with a special pizza configurator that will facilitate work and affect the speed of service and preparation of orders.

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After equipping waiters with tablets, our sales increased significantly. Meal recommended products are displayed to the order taker, so even new people can start selling more from the start.

Katarzyna Krasuska
Restaurant Owner, Casa Mia Cracow


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Front of House

Guest service

Sale by tablet

  • Intuitive work tool
  • Any modification of the pizza from the tablet
  • It works without the Internet, e.g. during a breakdown, it gives the possibility of resale
  • Full POS functionality on the tablet

Full support for waiters

  • Graphical preview of tables and rooms on the screen of the tablet and computer
  • Creating reservations and bills assigned to tables
  • Editing the bill at any time
  • Any splitting or merging of bills and payment methods
  • Order status notifications on the tablet

Other GoPOS functions

Time savings up to
More orders by
Service time reduction up to


Pizzeria online

GoOrder - online order shop

  • Intuitive ordering in the online store
  • Any modification and division of the pizza at the customer's level
  • Informing the client about the status of preparation and delivery
  • Combining a loyalty card with an online order
  • Multiple payment methods accepted

Online order management

  • Store integrated with the GoPOS system
  • Direct printing of the accepted order in the kitchen
  • Easily split orders between drivers
  • Detailed reporting of drivers' work and revenue
  • Free online store in 15 minutes on the website and Facebook
Save up commission on a flat rate
Service time reduction up to
Faster delivery by

Back House

Order handling

Pizza product - configurator dedicated to pizzeria

  • Any modification of the pizza, including dividing into parts
  • Editing of add-ons - removing or punching
  • Price change depending on purchased or removed add-on

KDS - kitchen display system

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • One-click order statuses displayed in different colors
  • Clear printout of orders in the kitchen after a change in the composition of the pizza
  • Feedback about the preparation of the pizza to the waiter
  • The ability to use a tablet or TV to display orders

Warehouse - product quantity management

  • Controlling the quantity of products sold
  • Foodcost - calculating the cost of producing goods and imposing a margin
  • Updating stock levels in relation to the ingredients used
  • Inventory with scales and barcodes based on the GoPOS database

Other GoPOS functions

Modify add-ons faster
Reduce your order fulfillment time by
Minimize errors by

Implementation and service

Installing and configuring GoPOS is so simple that you can do it yourself. In case of any questions or problems, we remain at your disposal. For demanding customers, we provide premium support 24/7 and our partners are available all over Poland.

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Back Office

Pizzeria management

Reports and analyzes

  • Analysis of the amount of revenue up to date
  • Preview of open and closed accounts
  • Generating a set of reports in PDF and CSV format
  • Preview of cash and shift reports
  • Create advanced comparison reports
  • Defining your own sales reports
  • Quick comparison of reports from several pizzerias

Menu - configuration at any time

  • Editing menus from anywhere
  • Real-time price change
  • Creation of promotional price lists depending on the dates and days of the week
  • Managing multiple pizzerias from one panel

GoStock - storage system

  • View inventory in real time
  • Blocking the quantity of selected products
  • Minimizing losses and increasing profits
  • Precise orders for missing goods

Full control in employee management

  • Check-in and settlement of employees - setting an hourly rate for an employee and check-in with a selection of a sales position or an hourly rate
  • The possibility of settling the places through positions and employees
  • Ongoing monitoring of employee actions
  • Cancellation reports on items removed from accounts

Other GoPOS functions

Reduce employee accounting time by
Reduce stock shortages by
Save reporting time by

Customer solutions

Customer solutions

Managing individual loyalty programs

  • Creating individual loyalty cards
  • Free calculation of specific and percentage discounts
  • Prepaid cards generation
  • Monitoring the sales structure of regular customers
  • Card deactivation at any time

Other GoPOS functions

Increasing sales up to
Increase of regular customer visits by up to
Increasing the promotion of the place to

GoPOS integration

Integration with external systems

GoPOS is integrated with the most popular solutions on the HoReCa market. We are constantly working on new connections to facilitate running the company.

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Recommended pos equipment for pizzeria

GoPOS works with leading device manufacturers on the market. All our devices are fully compatible with the GoPOS system.

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