GoPOS - POS for your business

Invest in a fast, reliable and easy-to-use POS that perfectly fits the unique needs of any business. Increase revenue, streamline daily operations and delight your guests with the speed of your operations by choosing GoPOS. Discover all the benefits of the software and see how it will revolutionise your business.

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 GoPOS - POS for your business
Invest in a fast, reliable and easy-to-use POS that perfectly fi

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The heart of your business - a comprehensive POS system

Manage your orders, sales process and payments with GoPOS cloud-based software. Customise the system to your business needs and increase the efficiency of your business today!

What is the Point of Sale system?

What is the Point of Sale system?

A Point of Sale (POS) system is a complete cloud-based software and toolkit that streamlines all aspects of your business - from sales to on-premises information flow to business management. Whether you run a retail shop, restaurant or provide a service, a POS system is an essential piece of equipment for effective business management and greater customer satisfaction.

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Easy to use

Easy to use

Thanks to the intuitive GoPOS software, you don't have to worry about lengthy implementations. It only takes a few minutes to set up the system and start selling.

Fast and secure payments

Fast and secure payments

Accept payments any way you like - just as your customers prefer - with full integration with your payment terminal - accept them easily, quickly and securely.



Not without reason! Control your sales, raw material consumption and generate any report you want from any device and anywhere in the world - including off-premises!

Tailored to you

Tailored to you

Your system, your needs. Expand it freely with further additional modules, depending on your own preferences.

Functionality that every business needs

Our POS software is equipped with all the functions you need to streamline your day-to-day operations and increase the profit margins of your business.

Sell ​​instantly

Sell ​​instantly

Achieve fast and reliable sales directly at the POS. Use a system that streamlines your daily operations and connects all aspects of your business.

  • Take orders in just 3 clicks
  • Transfer them directly to the kitchen in your restaurant
  • Split bills with a single click according to your guests' preferences
  • Process payments faster using integration with payment terminals
  • Also sell offline in the absence of internet

Serve at tables

Equip your waiters with mobile terminals and service your guests comprehensively directly at their tables. Eliminate the need to run to the POS counter and take orders, transfer them to the kitchen and collect payments - with an All in One solution!

  • Speed up service and sales anywhere in the store
  • Show photos of your dishes on modern devices
  • Set up card payments and take them directly to the tables
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Strefa Eksperta - miejsce Twojego rozwoju!

Ucz się, rozwijaj i inspiruj od ekspertów, z naszych webinarów, podcastów i artykułów.

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Manage and change the menu

Manage and change the menu

Creating a limited special offer? Update your menu from any device and anywhere in the world! Adapt it to your customers' changing needs and receive all modifications in real time.

  • Make any changes to the menu, depending on product availability
  • Personalise your offer according to different occasions
  • Create multiple menus of your choice

Make informed business decisions

Take control of your business with detailed reports and accessible analytics. Track your sales performance from anywhere and on any device with access to key data and sales results.

  • Analyse what sells best**, monitor profits and control the growth of your business.
  • Manage everything in one place, no matter how many locations you have
  • Create comparative reports between locations, products, staff or times of day**.
  • Check how your staff are performing and hold them accountable faster
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Equipment that facilitates sales

When you choose our equipment, you get guaranteed quick set-up and full GoPOS compatibility, allowing you to start selling even faster.

Expand GoPOS with additional tools

From warehouse management to online business development, you can add the add-on modules of your choice to your GoPOS system to create a full suite tailored to your business needs.

See how GoPOS works in practice!

This is how your premises can also function. See on the interactive map how the available solutions actually work!

Serve your guests even more efficiently

Manage the team, the warehouse and other aspects of the business

Develop yourself online

GoPOS on Tour - we drive your business growth!

Regardless of the specificity of the industry, our solutions revolutionize operational processes at every point. Check out how GoPOS tools support businesses in practice!

Gospoda u Olejorzy

Faster service, more efficient management and more profit? These are the results achieved by the Inn at Olejorzy after implementing GoPOS.

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Recommended for small catering establishments and retail businesses.
Net monthly price when purchasing an annual licence. You save 11%.
Chosen by 71% of clients
Recommended for medium to large catering establishments and retail businesses.
Net monthly price when purchasing an annual licence. You save 19%.

Connected with the best!

Our POS software integrates with the best technology so that you get the best of everything in one - the GoPOS system.

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