GoPOS - POS for your business

Serve faster, sell more and manage more efficiently. No matter what type of business you run or what range of products you offer, rely on software that works for every outlet. Use the fast, reliable and easy-to-use GoPOS - the system your business needs!

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 GoPOS - POS for your business
Serve faster, sell more and manage more efficiently. No matter w

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POS made for your business!

Everything your business needs in one place! Conduct reliable sales, take orders and payments and manage your premises straight from one POS panel!

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Sell at lightning speed

Sell at lightning speed

Make fast and reliable sales directly at the POS. Take orders in just 3 clicks and speed up the service to your guests.

  • Use a simple application interface
  • Pass orders directly to the kitchen in your catering business
  • Process payments faster using the integration with payment terminals
  • Sell also offline in case of lack of internet

Make better decisions with reports

Create the analysis you need. Check the data you are most interested in, stored in a secure cloud, and use it to manage more efficiently and earn more.

  • Monitor everything remotely, from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Create comparative reports between stores, products, employees or times of day
  • Don't restrict sales when you run out of raw materials - use the data and get alerts when stocks are low
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Modify items and add-ons

Modify items and add-ons

Update all your data in the POS system and receive your changes in real time. Change pricelists, dish composition or product availability in just a few clicks.

  • Make changes from any device
  • Always have up-to-date data in the system
  • Accurately calculate FoodCost - the cost of producing goods and applying a margin

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