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The perfect POS solution for clubs and bars

High intuitiveness of the sales system and speed of operation are the key issues in clubs and pubs. GoPOS is also a tool for managers who can easily manage the entire place.

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Front of House

Guest service

Fast sale

  • The minimum number of gestures from order to payment
  • Works without Internet, e.g. in case of failure
  • Possibility to compose drinks yourself
  • Convenient view of recipes
  • Support for multiple payment methods
  • Open bills for promoters and artists
  • Multiple sales directions for kitchens

Full support for bartenders

  • Quickly create promotions and add new products
  • An intuitive interface that facilitates the training of new bartenders
  • Convenient check-in to work
  • Issuing customer cards and assigning discounts
  • Accurate settlement of shifts according to employees or cash register

Other GoPOS functions

Implementation and service

Installing and configuring GoPOS is so simple that you can do it yourself. In case of any questions or problems, we remain at your disposal. For demanding customers, we provide premium support 24/7 and our partners are available all over Poland.

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Back Office

Club Management

Warehouse - product quantity management

  • Inventory with scales and barcodes. We have our own database of barcodes and scales
  • Division into internal warehouses with quick handling of transfers
  • Foodcost - calculating the costs of producing products and the margin imposed
  • Access from a browser in any place with Internet access


Inventory is a must, thanks to which you have control over the actual stocks of all products. The GoPOS app provides:

  • Stocktaking using a scale, barcode scanner or mobile application on the phone
  • Possibility to carry out an inventory divided into warehouses
  • Access to the database containing codes and bottle weights
  • Time-saving and precise

Reports and analyzes - club management

  • Advanced grouping of reports with the ability to export data to CSV
  • An extensive cancellation report that allows you to track sales irregularities
  • Settlement by shift or employees or cash desk
  • Quick access to the most important sales parameters in the GoManager mobile application

Other GoPOS functions

Reduction in irregularities by
Faster sale by
Shortening the inventory time by

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Customer solutions

Customer solutions

Club cards - appreciate your guests

  • Free calculation of specific and percentage discounts
  • Prepaid cards generation
  • Monitoring the structure of regular customers
  • Card deactivation at any time

GoPOS integration

Integration with external systems

GoPOS is integrated with the most popular solutions on the HoReCa market. We are constantly working on new connections to facilitate running the company.

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Recommended pos equipment for clubs

GoPOS works with leading device manufacturers on the market. All our devices are fully compatible with the GoPOS system.

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