Numbering system

Eliminate unnecessary queues at the checkout and speed up guest service. Equip your store with a numbering system to improve the flow of information. Assign a number to each order, conveniently display it on your TV screen, and serve all dishes quickly and without mistakes.

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 Numbering system
Eliminate unnecessary queues at the checkout and speed up guest service. Equip yo

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We chose GoPOS because it gives our waiters more freedom of action. In addition, the number system allowed us to easily speed up the implementation of orders and guest service.

Stanisław Majerczyk
Owner, Gospoda u Olejorzy

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Streamline your customer service process

Equip your premises with the app and process all orders flawlessly, quickly and conveniently.

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Issue numbered orders

Issue numbered orders

Speed up the service process and make your customers' visit to your outlet even more comfortable.

  • Assign individual numbers to guest orders
  • Inform customers of their order status
  • Reduce unnecessary checkout queues
  • Raise the standard of your store and increase guest satisfaction

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Improve staff working comfort

Improve staff working comfort

Do constant queues at the checkout mean you have to shout your guests through to get their orders? Place screens in your premises and display the necessary information.

  • Manage the queue at your POS
  • Take control of the serving order
  • Avoid conflicts and serve orders correctly
  • Streamline information flow
  • Generate extra time for other on-premises activities

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Where to use the application?

Where to use the application?

The numbering system is a perfect tool at points where the traffic is intense and the speed of service counts the most. The solution will prove useful in

  • Quick service restaurants
  • Food trucks
  • Fish fryers and other open-air premises
  • Restaurants and cafes with a high flow of people
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Numbering system
Application for displaying order numbers.
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