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GoStock is a system that allows for error-free stock management. This extensive tool will allow you to minimize losses and thus increase profits.

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Storage system


Storage management is a key activity in every place. The goal is to minimize losses and increase profits. Due to uninterrupted control, we can verify and order missing goods. The warehouse can be supervised from any device with Internet access. GoStock provides:

  • Creating detailed reports on purchases and deliveries
  • Synchronization of warehouse products with products on sale
  • Updating warehouse in relation to the funds used
  • Calculation of FoodCost - costs of product production and margin application.
  • Easy management of several warehouses


Stocktaking may seem boring and monotonous, but remember that it has a huge impact on the profit and loss balance. With GoPOS you can easily check stocktaking and have access to information about the products sold. Application provides:

  • Stocktaking using a weight, barcode scanner or mobile application on the phone.
  • The possibility of making an stocktaking with a division into storages.
  • Access to the database containing codes and battle weights
  • Time saving and precision

Other GoStock functions

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