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Manage your purchased goods better and more efficiently with the GoStock stock application. Control your stock and correct any shortages on time. Access all data in real time from any device with internet access.

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Warehouse system

Control your inventories

Control your inventories

Minimise waste and increase profits with precise management of your storage space. Supervise your warehouse from any device with Internet access.

  • Create detailed reports of purchases and deliveries
  • Update your inventory with the components you use
  • Receive information about products that do not sell
  • Manage several warehouses with ease
  • Calculate FoodCost - the cost of production of goods and the imposition of margins
Use information on minimum states

Use information on minimum states

Don't restrict sales on your premises by running out of ingredients. Keep an eye on your stock and replenish all your stock on time

  • Get advance notice of out-of-stock minimums
  • Maximise profit with precise management of storage space
  • Eliminate out-of-date or unprofitable goods
Prezentacja różnic inwentaryzacyjnych

Prezentacja różnic inwentaryzacyjnych

Dostęp do szczegółowych  raportów i analiz

Dostęp do szczegółowych raportów i analiz

Stany magazynowe i blokowanie ilości

Stany magazynowe i blokowanie ilości

Precyzyjne listy zakupowe

Precyzyjne listy zakupowe

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Carry out your inventory quickly and error-free

Carry out your inventory quickly and error-free

Stocktaking may seem tedious and tedious, but when done regularly it has a huge impact on your profit and loss account. Take stock quickly and accurately with the intuitive GoPOS system.

  • Reduce errors by using mobile phones, scales and bar codes.
  • Carry out inventories divided into several warehouses
  • Benefit from access to a database containing codes and bottle weights
Manual counting of all products was very tedious and there were often mistakes during the inventory. Carrying out it on a mobile phone with the help of scales and barcodes significantly reduced the time, and most importantly eliminated errors."Michał Uszko, Club General Manager, Teatro Cubano Cracow
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