Premises Management Applications

Get to know the software with which you will have all aspects of your business under constant control. Manage your premises comprehensively and benefit from functionalities that allow you to continuously increase your profit and improve your operations.

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 Premises Management Applications
Get to know the software with which you will have all aspects of

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Discover the features that will help you run your business successfully.

Supervise your business wherever you are!

Control what is happening in your premises, even when you are away from your point! Get access to the necessary data and manage your business from anywhere and from any device with internet access.

  • Manage from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • Control several locations comprehensively from just one panel
  • Create advanced comparative reports and reduce the time needed for analysis
  • Make changes for all your premises at the same time in a few clicks
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Control your employees

Control your employees

Make your staff account 73% faster! Supervise real working time and calculate it instantly, accurate to the minute. Use extended sales and employee reports.

  • Assign several positions with different rates to one employee
  • Save up to 5 hours per month on late payment of your staff
  • Gain full control over costs
  • Generate extensive reports on sales of particular products by your employees
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Check your inventories

Check your inventories

Monitor the necessary data on your stock. Control your stock quantities, order always on time and create lists of goods only at attractive prices.

  • Take advantage of minimum stock information in advance
  • Manage several warehouses with ease
  • Update inventories with the components in use
  • Carry out the inventory quickly and accurately, including split between several warehouses
  • Process orders while minimising costs
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