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Account for your staff faster. Supervise employees from anywhere and store all the data you need conveniently, in the secure cloud. Give them any permissions and control when they start and stop working with a modern app.

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 GoManager- Solutions for employees
Account for your staff faster. Supervise employees from any

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Check out the tools available in GoPOS and see how easily and efficiently you can manage your staff.

Settle employees faster

Settle employees faster

Save up to 40 hours per month on payroll and generate payroll reports automatically.

  • Assign several positions with different rates to one employee
  • Accurately bill employees by shift and position
  • Save 73% of the time needed to bill each position separately
  • Have full control over costs
Zarządzaj personelem

Zarządzaj personelem

Rozliczaj pracowników

Rozliczaj pracowników

Nadaj uprawnienia swoim pracownikom

Nadaj uprawnienia swoim pracownikom

Meldowanie do pracy

Meldowanie do pracy

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Reward employees for hours actually worked

Reward employees for hours actually worked

Are your employees starting work 15 minutes late? On a monthly basis, daily lateness can result in large losses. Keep track of your staff's real working hours and only reward them for hours worked.

  • Calculate working time to the minute
  • Save as much as 5h per month on your employee's late pay
  • Check who logged on to the system and control the start and end time of your staff
  • Generate invoices with a single click

Check how much your staff sell

Get access to reports to see how much your staff are selling. Generate quick comparative reports between your staff.

  • Create reports on how much your staff sells per product
  • Get billing reports on items removed from your accounts
Save time on billing to
Generate reports faster to
Save on average management time to

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Supervise employees at all times

Supervise employees at all times

Are you away from your premises? Do you want to check how your staff is doing? Supervise all aspects of your business from anywhere and from any internet enabled device such as:

  • Laptop
  • Mobile phone
  • Tablet

Check out the other tools to effectively manage your premises.

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