GoPOS - Delivery Solutions

Say goodbye to errors, masses of equipment and delays. Speed up the processing of all orders and increase sales at your location. Whether you have an online shop, use third party platforms like Uber Eats, couriers or your own suppliers - manage them all from one panel. Explore the comprehensive delivery tools available in GoPOS and deliver at a higher level!

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 GoPOS - Delivery Solutions
Say goodbye to errors, masses of equipment and delays. Speed up the

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Manage all your sales channels on the screen of your POS!

Uber Eats, Glovo, or maybe your own online shop? At GoPOS we have solutions for everyone, regardless of the source of online sales! Take advantage of many by taking all orders in one panel.

Several sources, just 1 device!

Several sources, just 1 device!

No matter how many online sales channels you use, now you can manage them comprehensively from just one panel! Save time and money by keeping everything in one place.

  • Streamline order processing by displaying all orders directly on your POS
  • Have full control over orders even from several online sources
  • Eliminate extra tablets and save up to 63% on hardware purchases
  • Accept or cancel orders with one click and send them directly to the kitchen
  • End manual data entry and say goodbye to possible errors

Better insight into your business

Know your business like never before with detailed reports from all your sales sources. Check the strengths and weaknesses of your online orders and continuously increase your sales.

  • Create reports and analyses by time of day or product and see what is selling best
  • Get information about the sources of the highest order volumes
  • Compare sales between several channels thanks to aggregated comparative reports and see which channel is generating the highest profits and how
Speed up delivery times by
Reduce errors by
Save on the cost of equipment for

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Check out the available delivery solutions at GoPOS!

This is what you will find with us! We offer complete solutions, from our own shop to integrations and useful tools for online sales. Discover everything now!

Reduce commissions with your own online shop

Thanks to GoOrder application you will quickly create your own online shop and thus - start selling online. Bet on a simple and intuitive tool and save on high commission costs up to 93%.

  • Create your own online shop in 15 minutes
  • Customise the look and feel of your shop and change it at will
  • Make your shop fully mobile-friendly
  • Add seasonal options and configure menus on the fly
  • Use different payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer, BLIK, cash or voucher
Menu w postaci kodu QR

Menu w postaci kodu QR

Własny sklep internetowy

Własny sklep internetowy

Wiele metod płatności

Wiele metod płatności

Wyraźna oszczędność

Wyraźna oszczędność

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We create for businesses like yours!

We create our solutions for all types of restaurants - from a small food truck to the whole chain! Save time and money and focus on what you do best - serve delicious food. We will take care of the rest!

Discover the power of integration with GoHub

Discover the power of integration with GoHub

Selling on several platforms like Uber Eats, Glovo or Eliminate extra hardware and take all orders on your POS screen thanks to the integration.

  • Put an end to manual order entry - take orders automatically on one device
  • Manage orders from one panel, even if they come from several online sources
  • Several platforms = several menus. Update all cards collectively with a single click
  • Enjoy advanced analytics and takeaway sales data from several sources, wherever you are
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The biggest online ordering platforms in one place

Check out the available integrations with giants in the delivery world! Use suppliers whenever it's most cost-effective and save time by taking orders from multiple portals in one place.Check out the available integrations with giants in the delivery worl

Enter GoDelivery tools

Enter GoDelivery tools

Learn about the tools that will make your takeaway orders easier. Set up a call centre and take orders on your POS screen. Supervise the work of your drivers thanks to a dedicated app and make deliveries even more efficient.

  • Use number recognition with the call centre and personalise orders for your guests.
  • Create sms/email campaigns and inform your customers about news and promotions based on the data they leave
  • Distribute orders freely among suppliers thanks to the driver application
  • Display the current location of your drivers on a map and keep everything under control
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Check out what tools you can find in GoDelivery!

Discover available applications and try innovative tools that will allow you to manage online orders even better.

Implementation and service

GoPOS installation is so simple that you can do it yourself. We remain at your disposal in case of any questions or problems. We provide premium support 24/7 for demanding customers.

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Discover the perfect tools for on-premises sales

Discover the perfect tools for on-premises sales

Interested in on-site sales solutions? Check out the ones available from us, offered for all types of business - from small catering establishments to entire restaurant chains.

  • Reduce time spent serving guests by up to 30% with Mobile Waiters
  • Improve communication with the kitchen with GoKDS
  • Reduce the number of waiters by introducing E-menu
  • Control your inventory and maximise your profits with GoStock
  • Create loyalty programmes with GoClient and encourage your guests to visit you more often
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