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Kitchen Display

System (KDS)

KDS is a system that allows you to communicate with the kitchen. Thanks to the automatic display of orders on the TV screen, accepting and serving meals is quick and error-free.

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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Communication with the kitchen

Accepting orders

Efficient transfer of the order to the kitchen is the basis of a well-functioning eating place. Proper communication between two kitchens or with waiters will significantly improve the functioning of every place. KDS provides:

  • Simple, clear and intuitive interface
  • Order statuses displayed in different colors, changed with one click
  • The ability to use a tablet or TV to display orders
  • Free execution of the order and serving dishes
  • Communication with the number system

Number system

For a quick service of place which is based on the customer picking up the order by himself, the solution may be the Queue System. An ordered list of orders both, in preparation and those ready ones will be displayed on the big screen. The most important functions are:

  • Printing of numbers on a voucher or fiscal printer
  • The possibility of placing a manu or advertising on the TV screen
  • Efficient serving meals without mistakes
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Faster communication with employees by
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