Kitchen Display System (KDS)

KDS is a system that allows efficient and reliable communication between the room and the kitchen. Enter GoKDS to take and process orders quickly and flawlessly. Increase staff comfort and improve customer satisfaction.

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 Kitchen Display System (KDS)
KDS is a system that allows efficient and reliable communication

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Customer service has decreased significantly since we use tablets for guest services. Placed orders go directly to the kitchen, so they immediately appear on the TV screen. It significantly improved the work of the restaurant.

Emil Hołubiczko
Restaurant Owner, Nadwiślańska Resto & Vodka Bar Cracow

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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Communication with the kitchen

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Improve communication in your premises

Improve communication in your premises

Take orders faster and send them accurately to the kitchen. Immediate dispatch of orders is the fastest communication between the room and the kitchen and will significantly improve the operation of any venue.

  • Receive orders flawlessly
  • Send orders automatically to the kitchen
  • Improve and speed up communication between the catering room and the kitchen by investing in a reliable KDS system
Komunikacja z kuchnią

Komunikacja z kuchnią

Indywidualnie dopasowany design

Indywidualnie dopasowany design

Konfigurowanie wydruku

Konfigurowanie wydruku

Łączność z wieloma kuchniami

Łączność z wieloma kuchniami

Display orders directly on the kitchen

Display orders directly on the kitchen

Receive orders directly in the kitchen and change their status in a few clicks.

  • Print orders on your voucher printer
  • Display order statuses on your tablet screen in different colours and change them with a single click
  • Take precise orders, reducing time to deliver to customers
  • Send automatic feedback to the waiter when the meal is ready
  • Avoid errors when dispensing food from the kitchen

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In the L'Osteria restaurant, the kitchen and the dining room communicate reliably with each other thanks to GoPOS solutions - Mobile Waiters and GoKDS.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

Dispense orders error-free with a reliable numbering system. Serve your guests efficiently even in busy environments.

  • Get feedback from the kitchen when your meal is ready
  • Display finished orders on your TV screen
  • Avoid unnecessary queues for order pickup
  • Improve guest satisfaction by delivering their orders quickly and accurately
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Analizuj raporty statusów przygotowań

Analizuj raporty statusów przygotowań

Sprawdzaj przebieg poszczególnych etapów przygotowywania zamówień dzięki raportom statusów przygotowań.

  • Kontroluj wydajność personelu w różnych godzinach pracy
  • Eliminuj pojawiające się błędy w procesie przygotowania
  • Analizuj konkretny czas przygotowania poszczególnych sprzedawanych pozycji
  • Dostosowuj raporty według kategorii produktu lub średniego czasu statusów przygotowań
  • Dowolnie filtruj i eksportuj wygenerowane wykresy
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