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Streamline your existing takeaway sales! Process phone orders straight from your POS and manage them comprehensively in one place. Supervise your drivers with a dedicated app and have full control over your deliveries.

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 Get to know the tools of GoDelivery
Streamline your existing takeaway sales! Process phone ord

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The opening of the online store allowed us to reach more customers and increase our recognition. A dedicated application for drivers is a big plus.

Przemek Greniewicz
Restaurant Owner, Tashi Thai & Sushi

We have been trusted by 1000+Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs

Telephone ordering or self-delivery? Streamline the delivery of both!

Learn the tools that will help you take all your phone orders efficiently and keep your suppliers in control.

Try out our software now and improve your business like never before!

Take orders via the telephone exchange!

Take orders via the telephone exchange!

Receive orders by phone and store them conveniently at your POS.

  • Take orders in one panel and manage them comprehensively
  • Create your own integrated customer base and send them sms/email campaigns
  • Use a tool that recognises the phone numbers of your consumers and personalise orders according to them
  • Send your guests special discounts and rebates
  • Don't process orders by phone? Add a switchboard and increase your sales!
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See how GoPOS works in practice!

This is how your restaurant can work as well!

Control the work of your suppliers at any time

Manage your suppliers and speed up the process of delivering orders to your customers. Distribute orders freely to your drivers, account for their working hours and have full control over deliveries.

  • Account for drivers by hours and kilometres
  • Assign orders to specific suppliers
  • Display your driver's current location on a map
  • Introduce a dedicated app to keep everything under control
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Try the phone Central or driver application and bring innovative delivery solutions to your restaurant.

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Zarządzaj zamówieniami w Live Orders

Zarządzaj zamówieniami w Live Orders

Wyświetlaj zamówienia na dowóz z różnych źródeł jak telefon, własny sklep online GoOrder, portale zewnętrzne lub z POS - w Live Orders w GoPOS! Zarządzaj najważniejszymi danymi bezpośrednio z aplikacji webowej gdziekolwiek jesteś, zamykaj rachunki jednym kliknięciem i przyspiesz czas realizacji jeszcze bardziej!

  • Nadzoruj wszystkie dane dotyczące zamówień, jak źródło rachunku, status płatności, czas otrzymania, termin realizacji, adres dostawy i dane klienta - prosto z aplikacji webowej
  • Przypisuj błyskawicznie kierowców do wybranych zamówień
  • Zmieniaj statusy zamówień, jak nowe, spakowane, odebrane, dostarczone - jednym kliknięciem!
  • Korzystaj z podglądu wszystkich realizowanych zamówień w czasie rzeczywistym - bezpośrednio na mapie
  • Generuj zaawansowane raporty dotyczące zamówień w dostawie
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Do you use external portals like Uber Eats?

Do you use external portals like Uber Eats?

We have proven tools for everyone. Explore our other delivery solutions and process online orders at an even higher level!

  • Integrate your POS with external portals like Uber Etas, Glovo,
  • Create your own unique online shop with the GoOrder application
  • Receive and manage all your online orders from one panel
  • Use comprehensive comparison reports and generate even more sales!
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Appliaction for drivers
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Net monthly price when purchasing an annual licence. You save 10%.

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