Communication and customer service

Want to speed up service at your premises? Choose applications that will reduce the time it takes to take an order by 40%. Streamline the flow of information, receive all data accurately and increase the comfort of both employees and your customers.

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 Communication and customer service
Want to speed up service at your premises? Choose applications

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Foodhall Montownia

Comprehensive support for the Montownia! GoPOS systems automated the management of all locations and increased sales efficiency.

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Achieve fast and reliable sales!

Speed up customer service and improve communication in your premises with innovative tools.

Sell directly at the POS

Sell directly at the POS

Serve your guests reliably at the POS counter in your establishment. Take orders faster, more precisely and without mistakes.

  • Sell in just 3 steps
  • Send orders directly to your kitchen
  • Enjoy integration with payment terminals
  • Don't stop selling when the internet is temporarily unavailable - also sell offline
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Serve your customers faster

Opt for effective solutions to speed up service in your establishment. Equip your waiters with tablets, take orders accurately and increase your sales.

  • Use graphical menus and show customers their dishes on tablets
  • Reduce unnecessary errors due to inaccurate order taking
  • Use up to 30 tablets simultaneously
  • Send orders directly to the kitchen at the table
  • Distribute orders and bill guests instantly
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Receive orders without contact

Receive orders without contact

Reduce service time even further! Let your guests place and pay for orders themselves with contactless solutions. Increase customer comfort and improve convenience for your staff.

  • Place QR codes on tables and let your guests browse menus from their smartphones
  • Introduce self-service kiosks and eliminate unnecessary queues around checkouts
  • Assign individual numbers to orders and display them on a TV screen in your premises
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Improve communication in the kitchen

Improve communication in the kitchen

Complete all solutions with KDS! Receive orders conveniently in the kitchen and process them without the slightest mistake.

  • View accepted orders directly in the kitchen and change their status with a single click
  • Streamline the flow of information in your premises
  • Receive orders accurately
  • Send information about the prepared meal to the waiter automatically
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Use tools developed for the retail industry

Use tools developed for the retail industry

Sell faster, easier and always error-free, even in the retail shop! Count on the app to provide instant and reliable service to your customers.

  • Pick up products in just 3 clicks
  • Introduce contactless shopping
  • Increase the value of your accounts and offer your customers relevant additional products or services
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Process payments faster

Process payments faster

Take advantage of the integration with payment terminals and save the time needed to enter the amount into the system each time. Receive all payments instantly and conveniently.

  • Display amounts automatically on the terminal
  • Say goodbye to costly mistakes due to incorrect data entry
  • Receive any transaction online, including traditional bank transfer, payment card or BLIK
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