Mini Case Study

The use of Vero on the example of a retail point - Dla kochanej rodzinki shop

The use of Vero on the example of a retail point - Dla kochanej rodzinki shop
The use of Vero on the example of a retail point - Dla kochanej rodzinki shop

Mini Case Study

The use of Vero on the example of a retail point - Dla kochanej rodzinki shop

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Warsaw, Poland





About Dla kochanej rodzinki shop and the challenges of the point

Dla kochanej rodzinki is a Warsaw shop specialising in the sale of frozen delicatessen products such as pierogi, pielmeni, pancakes, czebureki and stuffed cabbage rolls. All products are made on site and sold directly at the point. Due to the combination of shop and kitchen, the newly opened outlet was looking for a price-competitive, modern sales solution with a small footprint so that it would not limit the small space at the outlet. It was important that the tool introduced provided fast customer service and had integration with the terminal, eliminating the need for manual input of bill values.

Due to the sale of products by weight, the solution also had to guarantee integration with the equipment and a smooth transfer of data to the sales system. In addition, the outlet owner wanted real-time and remote access to sales reports and stock previews, from any personal device.


In response to the needs of the shop For the dear family, partner PROKAS decided to implement the Posnet Vero device together with the GoPOS sales system.

Vero - All in One comprehensive kit

Combination of fiscal printer, POS platform, GoPOS sales system that also provides integration with payment terminal.

Small and handy POS

Thanks to Posnet Vero, which is a combination of a fiscal printer, POS platform and the GoPOS sales system, which also provides integration with a payment terminal, the complex POS was actually reduced to a single device and fitted perfectly into the small space of the outlet. The store implemented modern and innovative solutions, in addition at the best price on the market. The purchase of the printer was only 1999 PLN, and on top of this the company pays for the corresponding software subscription.

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For our shop located in Warsaw, we were looking for a suitable sales device, combined in addition with a scale. We decided on Vero and the GoPOS sales system. The device is small and does not take up much space, and the application is clear and easy to use. As the owner, I particularly appreciate the ability to view the current sales in the shop remotely, even from my mobile phone. This is a very convenient solution to keep everything under control at all times.

Alisa Yaniuk
Owner of Dla kochanej rodzinki shop

Quick sale with graphic menu

The GoPOS software has ensured instant sales and, thanks to integration with the payment terminal, eliminated errors and the need for manual data entry into the system. In the app, the owner can now conveniently add all newly appearing products and, in addition, configure the appearance of the menu according to personal preference. Thanks to the graphic preview in the sales application, operating the system and conducting sales is very simple and intuitive, also for the employee.

Sales by weight efficient and flawless

The shop has also expanded the solution it has introduced with a weighing scale, which has full integration with the GoPOS sales application. This way, when selected products such as ravioli, for example, are weighed, their price is automatically transferred to the system and the whole sales process is significantly shortened. The functionality has greatly assisted business operations and facilitated customer service for employees.

Business under control also remotely

The GoPOS system has provided access to current sales reports and made it possible to monitor sales - even from away from the point. This has enabled the owner to control sales of individual products and, based on the available analysis, to compare sales between items. The control of sales reports has also enabled improved stock management. As a result, they are now always replenished on time and the shop does not hold up its sales. The owner also appreciates the ability to display key data on any device, including a mobile phone, which is particularly useful to control the business remotely.

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