Mini Case Study

The use of Vero on the example of a catering point - Shamma Mia restaurant

The use of Vero on the example of a catering point - Shamma Mia restaurant
The use of Vero on the example of a catering point - Shamma Mia restaurant

Mini Case Study

The use of Vero on the example of a catering point - Shamma Mia restaurant

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Piaseczno, Poland





About Shamma Mia restaurant and point challenges

Szamma Mia is a restaurant serving Italian cuisine, located in Piaseczno. The outlet was looking for a modern POS set, distinguished by its attractive price. The implemented solution had to be fully adapted to the needs of catering. The system had to guarantee fast configuration of menus and prices, enable work on open accounts and their free combination and division. What's more, the tool had to be clear and simple enough that employees did not have to spend too much time learning how to use it.

For restaurant owners, it was also important to have a remote, constant view of what was happening at the outlet and access to running analytics on the number of guests staying on the premises, employees checked in at work and the most frequently sold items, in order to plan the amount of inventory well in advance.


In response to the needs of the Szamma Mia restaurant, Partner PROKAS decided to implement the Posnet Vero device together with the GoPOS sales system.

Vero - All in One comprehensive kit

Combination of fiscal printer, POS platform, GoPOS sales system that also provides integration with payment terminal.

POS enclosed in one device

A must-have for any catering outlet, the POS kit has been reduced to one device thanks to the innovative Posnet Vero. The hardware, which is a combination of a fiscal printer, POS platform and GoPOS sales system, which also provides integration with a payment terminal, has enabled significant savings for the restaurant. Completing a standard kit would have entailed significantly higher costs, which with Vero have been reduced to 1999 PLN for the printer and the corresponding software subscription.

Fast sales and payments

The implemented solution has reduced guest service time and improved payment acceptance. Thanks to GoPOS, employees are able to take orders in a few clicks, and the configured selected payment methods, allow customers to pay their orders in several ways. Also important is the integration with the payment terminal - thanks to this, the value about the bills is transmitted immediately to the device, eliminating the need for manual entry and possible errors.

Readable system for all employees

GoPOS's intuitive sales system has shortened the implementation time for new restaurant staff. The software is very readable and easy to use, allowing staff to get straight to doing their jobs and serving the restaurant's customers.

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The GoPOS system makes it very easy to work in our restaurant. The application has many very useful options, such as splitting bills, statistics and advanced reports. It allows us to check in real time which items from our menu are selling best and which are selling less well. We are pleased because the system is very easy to use and any new waiter who has not had any previous experience with the software will be able to use it in no time.

Anna Wiórkowska
Owner of Shamma Mia restaurant

Working on open accounts and combining and splitting them freely

Employees at Shamma Mia restaurants also appreciate the ability to work on open bills - particularly useful for caterers. As a result, when serving guests, waiters don't have to close bills after taking orders, and customers can conveniently place items and receive a single bill at the end of their visit.

A useful feature is also the ability to freely combine and split bills, according to guests' preferences. This is appreciated by both waiters and consumers. This makes the billing process clear and always error-free - in line with guests' expectations.

Restaurant menu - always up to date and in line with the season

Quick menu editing is another aspect that has been improved with the introduced solution. Thanks to the easy configuration of menus and prices, outlet owners are able to quickly modify the menu and supplement it with new items that change with the season. Changes are immediately visible in the sales app - as a result, waiters always offer customers an up-to-date menu.

Remote Point and Employee Control

Constantly up-to-date reports, available in a secure cloud, have streamlined the monitoring and control of the premises, even when away from the premises. Thanks to the analytics collected, owners can check the current number of guests in the restaurant, employees logged into the system and sales of the most frequently selected items. Comparative reports are also available, allowing sales to be compared between different days of the week or individual menu items. In addition, access to analytics has a positive impact on inventory planning - thanks to the reports, owners can see which dishes are most popular and can plan the necessary amount of raw materials well in advance.

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