Mini Case Study

Use of Vero using the example of a retail outlet - bakery Zmączeni

Use of Vero using the example of a retail outlet - bakery Zmączeni
Use of Vero using the example of a retail outlet - bakery Zmączeni

Mini Case Study

Use of Vero using the example of a retail outlet - bakery Zmączeni

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Krakow, Poland





About Tired Bakery and the challenges of the premises

Zmączeni is a Kraków-based chain of artisan bakeries and delicatessens, offering a variety of products, prepared with the highest quality ingredients. Due to the nature of the business and the small space at the point, the venue was looking for a complete solution in the form of a small POS, enclosed in a single housing. The outlet also wanted to implement a competitively priced tool, compared to traditional POS kits, which are often associated with high expenses.

In addition, it was important for the outlet to implement a solution that would speed up customer service, be easy to use and provide a constant view of sales reports to better plan the bakery's demand and, in addition, create advanced benchmarking reports, including between all outlets, improving the management of the entire bakery network Wearables.


In response to the needs of the Zmączeni bakery, we decided to implement the Posnet Vero device together with the GoPOS system.

Vero - All in One comprehensive kit

Combination of fiscal printer, POS platform, GoPOS sales system that also provides integration with payment terminal.

Significant space and high cost savings

Posnet Vero, thanks to its all in one solution - a combination of fiscal printer, POS platform, GoPOS sales system that also provides integration with a payment terminal - has saved space in the premises and fits perfectly into a small space. Everything you need is now in one device

Low price - full POS set

Vero, combining everything in one, also proved to be the cheaper solution. The bakery's expenses were limited to the 1999 PLN fee for the printer and the corresponding sales software subscription. As a result, the premises did not have to invest in all the necessary hardware separately, allowing them to save up to half the amount compared to a traditional POS kit.

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We have a Vero at our fourth location at aleja Kasztanowa 10. With such a small premises, we wanted a smaller POS so that we could use the rest of the space for our sourdough baked goods. Vero is great for locations where the service area is not very large. The whole system is very simple and easy to read. There are various options for reading reports, back bills or quick sales. The chosen solution has worked great in our premises.

Anna Dębicka
Bakery manager Zmączeni

Reliable sales and payments

The GoPOS system has significantly sped up point-of-sale operations, enabled fast sales and, thanks to integration with the payment terminal, ensured fast and error-free payment processing. Employees can now receive the value of the bill immediately on the device, without having to manually enter all the data. This has reduced handling time and also eliminated unnecessary mistakes. Thanks to the GoPOS app, customer service, even at busy times, is quick and seamless.

Top-level management of the point and premises network

Access to current sales data has provided constant and complete control of the outlet. Thanks to the reports, the manager is able to control the on-premises processes, check what sells most frequently on specific days and times, and thus plan the right amount of products and equip the bakery with specific goods. In connection with the use of GoPOS in all Zmączeni bakery outlets, the manager has also gained access to running sales reports, including comparisons between individual outlets. Managing the network of outlets became simpler and much more precise, making it easier to plan future activities.

Seamless implementation and ease of use

The implementation of the device itself together with the system also proved to be seamless. Thanks to the simplicity of the software and its intuitiveness, sales with the new tools were able to start almost as soon as the kit was implemented. It's also a convenience for the employees, who don't have to spend time on additional learning how to use the application, and seamlessly perform their duties.

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