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Equip your employees with tablets and reduce service time by up to 30%. Thanks to mobile waiters you will increase sales, improve work comfort of the whole premises and increase customer satisfaction.

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Increase the comfort of your waiters' work

Improve quality and speed up service and increase on-premises sales.

Improve communication

Improve communication

Serve up to 30% more customers by equipping your waiters with tablets. Save time on unnecessary running to POS to take orders.

  • Increase the comfort of your waiters' work
  • Use up to 30 tablets simultaneously
  • Improve communication between employees
  • Sell even if the Internet is temporarily unavailable
  • Avoid misunderstandings with the kitchen thanks to efficient communication
  • Send a notification directly from the kitchen to the waiter when the dish is ready
Equipping waiters with tablets allowed our restaurant to serve guests faster and more efficiently. The waiter no longer has to run around with every bar or kitchen order, and communication between the team has improved significantly."Iza Lazarowicz, Restaurant Manager, VELO Food&Bar
Serve your guests faster

Serve your guests faster

Take orders faster and reduce unnecessary errors. Take advantage of mobile sales and reduce service time to a minimum.

  • Speed up service at your premises
  • Take orders and sell in as few as 3 clicks
  • Send orders to the kitchen directly at the table
  • Reduce unnecessary mistakes caused by imprecise order taking
I run a two-story cafe in the center of Krakow. Some time ago I decided to equip waiters with tablets in order to reduce the time associated with order processing as much as possible. Currently, after the waiter accepts the order, it goes straight to the bar, which significantly speeds up the entire process."Tobiasz Kałkowski, Cafe Owner, Bubble Toast
Increase your on-premises sales

Increase your on-premises sales

Allow customers to order more with fast and efficient on-premises service.

  • Serve more guests in less time
  • Sell more with fast order processing
  • Avoid a decrease in table rotation. A longer stay of the guest in the restaurant = the table is full
Save paper by
Reduce errors o
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Improve customer satisfaction

Serve your guests quickly and flawlessly, increase their satisfaction after visiting your establishment.

Increase guest satisfaction

Speed up food and beverage dispensing by up to 20% and increase customer satisfaction. Use the available functionalities to adjust orders to your guests' preferences.

  • Use graphical menus and show customers their dishes on the tablet
  • Decide on the order in which meals are served
  • Bill faster
Use the graphical room and table view

Use the graphical room and table view

Use graphical table service and keep track of empty seats in the room.

  • Distribute tables to individual waiters
  • Assign orders to specific guests
  • Handle reservations with a graphical view of rooms and tables on your tablet
Graficzna obsługa stolików z przypisywaniem zamówień oraz rezerwacji

Graficzna obsługa stolików z przypisywaniem zamówień oraz rezerwacji

Obsługa rezerwacji stolików

Obsługa rezerwacji stolików

Nowoczesny produkt i design

Nowoczesny produkt i design

Sprzedaż w 3 kliknięciach

Sprzedaż w 3 kliknięciach

Bill the customer quickly

Reduce guest wait times to a minimum with automated service. Use the intuitive tool to easily manage tips and guest discounts.

  • Combine and split bills any way you want
  • Reduce the number of mistakes when splitting bills
  • Configure any payment method, including BLIK, credit card, bank transfer, cash, voucher
  • Apply discounts and rebates directly to your orders

Other GoPOS features

For whom such a solution?

For whom such a solution?

Wondering if mobile waiters are for you? This solution is perfect for:

  • Restaurants
  • Pizzerias
  • Summer gardens
  • Establishments with a large number of waiters (our system works on up to 30 tablets at the same time)
  • Cafes
  • Music clubs
Dedicated device

Dedicated device

Want to introduce mobile waiters, but not sure what equipment will be best? A dedicated device is Sunmi V2 PRO, containing everything your waiters need. Use convenient equipment and realize the entire process of serving guests with one device.

  • Scanning of barcodes
  • Printing of receipts
  • Direct card or phone payments
  • Long-lasting battery and fast charging
  • Convenience - small and lightweight with a touch screen for convenient application viewing and ease of use

Implementation and service

GoPOS installation is so simple that you can do it yourself. We remain at your disposal in case of any questions or problems. We provide premium support 24/7 for demanding customers.

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GoPOS integration

Integration with external systems

GoPOS is integrated with the most popular solutions on the HoReCa market. We are constantly working on new connections to facilitate running the company.

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