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Take an order, make a payment, e.g. by payment card and print the receipt - directly at the guests' tables! Serve even faster, more efficiently and more conveniently. Sign up for tests now!

Take an order, make a card payment and print a receipt - right at the guests' tables!

Train students on the best system

With GoPOS you will differentiate your educational offer and prepare students for jobs in the catering and retail sectors. We deliver our systems to schools and educational institutions nationwide to help students learn and become familiar with sales systems. Want to use the software in your training centre? Contact us today and receive the system for free!

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 Train students on the best system
With GoPOS you will differentiate your educational offer and

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Your educational establishment too can gain the system for free!

We have been trusted by 1000+Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs

GoPOS - the ideal training system

Make your offer more attractive and provide the necessary tools in your educational institution. Teach on a proven system and enjoy the achievements of your students.

GoPOS for schools

GoPOS for schools

We provide our system, you train your students on the finished solution! We support schools and educational centres all over Poland by offering GoPOS software for training purposes completely free of charge. Thanks to this, students can learn on a modern and intuitive tool and you - you introduce it without any charges.

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Highlight the school's offer

Highlight the school's offer

Provide your students with the best preparation for their future work! Enrich your offer and stand out with more opportunities by teaching on the latest technologies.

  • Enrich your organisation's offer with practical solutions
  • Prepare students for their future work by choosing proven tools
  • Teach on the best system and monitor student performance

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Get a system for your school!

Get a system for your school!

Submit your school or educational centre and prepare your students for the future job! Choose GoPOS and enjoy all the possibilities of the software completely free of charge!

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