Integration of GoPOS with KWHotel

KWHotel is innovative hotel software that facilitates the work of the entire hotel facility. By integrating the programme with the GoPOS sales system, you will support the reception desk in many processes, eliminate unnecessary mistakes, and significantly increase guest satisfaction.

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 Integration of GoPOS with KWHotel
KWHotel is innovative hotel software that facilitates the wo

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Opt for integration with the KWHotel system!

Streamline your hotel's workflow, surprise guests with fast service and discover the other benefits of integration.

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Discover the benefits of combining two systems

Discover the benefits of combining two systems

Integrate KWHotel software with GoPOS and benefit from the many functionalities available. Set yourself apart from the competition and streamline your staff's working time by taking many processes out of the hands of the receptionist.

  • Install the integration quickly and easily
  • Store all your data in the secure cloud
  • Take full control of your finances
  • Access all your data and analytics from any device and location
Room service

Room service

Take advantage of functionality that will streamline your hotel's sales processes. Allow customers to order directly from their room via QR codes, providing exceptional and fast service.

  • Bring innovation to your business
  • Receive orders conveniently at the kitchen
  • Enable instant payment for orders via smartphone
  • Speed up order processing
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Introduce customer-specific solutions

Introduce customer-specific solutions

Surprise your guests with innovation and increase their satisfaction with their visit to your hotel! Encourage them to visit again with modern facilities.

  • Accept payments in several currencies
  • Control and set spending limits for your customers
  • Reduce errors by storing receipts in one place
Accelerates guest service by
Reduce customer billing time by
Reduce errors by

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Integration of GoPOS with the hotel system KWHotel.
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