Use QR codes to facilitate ordering meals by guests directly from the hotel room and deliver them faster.

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Speed up order processing

How much time does your staff spend answering phone calls, transferring kitchen orders and accepting payments for them?

  • Put a QR code menu in each room
  • Allow customers to place orders from any personal device
  • Take orders directly to the kitchen
  • Authorize orders via an individual PIN code
  • Receive information about picking up and delivering the dish to the room by the service thanks to the mobile application

How roomservice works?

Let your customers order food directly to their hotel room. It is just a few simple steps:

  • The customer scans the QR code, opens the menu and orders the selected items
  • The application directs the visitor to online payment in advance
  • The order is automatically transferred to the kitchen
  • Service brings your order to your room when it's ready

Increase customer satisfaction with service

Did you know that modern solutions are becoming more and more popular and attract customers?

  • Increase the attractiveness of your facility thanks to innovative solutions
  • Take advantage of the simplicity of operation of QR codes
  • Stand out from the competition

Other GoPOS functions

GoPOS integration

Integration with external systems

GoPOS is integrated with the most popular solutions on the HoReCa market. We are constantly working on new connections to facilitate running the company.

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