Integration GoPOS with NFHotel

**NFHotel is an innovative cloud-based tool for lodging facilities. It can be operated from a computer, tablet and mobile devices. Synchronization with the GoPOS sales system will allow for a significant improvement in working time and for the reception in many processes.

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 Integration GoPOS with NFHotel
**NFHotel is an innovative cloud-based tool for lodging facilit

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The benefits of having GoPOS and NFHotel systems

The benefits of having GoPOS and NFHotel systems

The combination of these two systems offers a lot of new and interesting possibilities that will allow you to stand out from the rest of the hotels and thus catch the attention of more customers. Settle guests easier and faster, and thus - improve the operation of your hotel's front desk!

  • Automatically charge hotel guests for restaurant purchases
  • Control and set guest spending limits
  • Settle customers conveniently and easily at check-out with all bills in one place
  • Install integration instantly
Room Service

Room Service

Room service will allow you to optimize your hotel's sales processes. Enter room service and automatically assign restaurant orders to your customer's account.

  • Speed up order clearing
  • Allow customers to order via QR code
  • Conveniently process diverse payment methods
  • Transfer charges to reservations
  • Handle billing in one place
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Full integration with GoPOS

Full integration with GoPOS

The integrated NFHotel with the GoPOS sales system will allow for full synchronization of sales processes. Payments by watch or room charges will allow your customers to have numerous amenities that will make their stay in your hotel remembered for a long time. The integration is very simple and is as follows:

  • Go to the website
  • Search for "NFHotel"
  • Enter the appropriate activation code
  • Finished! After the code is approved, you can start selling
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Reduce customer billing time by
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