Case Study

Międzymiastowa speeds up service by 54% with Mobile Waiters

Międzymiastowa speeds up service by 54% with Mobile Waiters
Międzymiastowa speeds up service by 54% with Mobile Waiters

Case Study

Międzymiastowa speeds up service by 54% with Mobile Waiters

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Speeding up service and improving communication in the premises




Cracow, Poland

About the Międzymiastowa Restaurant

Miedzymiastowa Restaurant was established in 2016. Initially, it was located in the former Dolne Młyny - a place that brings together Krakow's restaurants, bars and music clubs. Despite the high level of competition at the restaurant's original location, the restaurant quickly began to enjoy a growing reputation and built a strong position in the catering market.

Since July 2021, the venue has been located at 34 Market Square in Kraków. Situated between the old and the new city, the new venue attracts customers with its attractive location as well as original ideas, such as the open-air club in the courtyard of the Spiš Palace, which returns periodically in the summer.

The restaurant's offer is inspired by the cuisine, tastes and customs of cities from Berlin, Stockholm, Barcelona and Tel Aviv to very distant places such as LA, Mexico City, New York or Tokyo. What's more, Miedzymiastowa is not just a restaurant, but also a cocktail bar, by which, as it says, it prefers to call itself a meeting place.

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The idea behind the creation of Intercity was an intercontinental fusion of cuisines. Our venue combines the most distinctive flavours, but also the local community, which is confirmed by the unflagging interest and the constantly growing number of customers. We believe that behind the success of a place there is not only a unique offer, but also an openness to new technologies and a constant need to improve existing activities. Only in this way are we able to satisfy even the most demanding customer and create a place that will catch everyone's attention.

Emil Hołubiczko
Owner, Międzymiastowa


Guest services

At Miedzymiastowa, 6-8 waiters are responsible (per shift) for serving the guests, who serve nearly 30 tables. Employees have at their disposal 2 stationary POS counters and 2 additional ones located on the bar, which is more than enough in case of moderate traffic. The challenge is at peak times, when this number is often far too low. In order to maintain a high level and quality of service, a solution was sought that would effectively eliminate the problem of queues in front of the POS, which often cause unnecessarily long service times.

At peak times, staff comfort and convenience are also important. In order to increase its efficiency, solutions were sought to help shorten service times and make them easier for staff. The restaurant wanted to completely eliminate the obligation to take orders on cards, which meant that they had to be entered into the POS each time and manually, and then handed over to the kitchen themselves. This long and time-consuming process slowed down service and increased the turnaround time for individual orders. Furthermore, in order to ensure better organisation and increase work comfort, the restaurant manager wanted to implement a solution with which staff would be assigned to serve specific tables.

Induction of new staff

Customer service for new employees was also a problematic issue. Due to the frequent staff turnover in the catering industry, the staff at the Miedzymiastowa restaurant also had to reckon with dynamic changes. It took time to introduce a new member of staff and to familiarise them thoroughly with the menu, which did not allow them to serve customers properly. The restaurant manager was looking for solutions that were intuitive enough that even a new team would be able to drive sales from day one.

Communication between the room and the kitchen

Taking orders in the traditional way - on cards - was not entirely comfortable for the cooks either. It happened that items ordered in this way did not contain precise guidelines, such as any additives or substituted ingredients, and employees - with the increased volume of orders - started to process them in an imprecise order. In addition, the waiter's constant checking of the dish's readiness for serving, prolonged the entire service process and unnecessarily reduced staff productivity.

Engaging customers

Among other solutions, tools were still sought to help develop the restaurant-consumer relationship. The aim was to improve the customer experience and implement functionalities that would encourage customers to buy again and more from the establishment.

Restaurant Management

The manager was also looking for improvements to his duties. His work was prolonged by the monthly compilation of staff accounts and the preparation of detailed reports on the work of individual employees. The lack of precise data on when work started or ended and the independent counting of all hours worked consumed too much time, which had to be reduced. The billing of those team members who worked in several positions, with different rates of pay, also proved troublesome.


Given these challenges, we decided to introduce universal and personalised solutions that helped solve all our client's problems.

GoPOS sales system

The GoPOS software has streamlined the entire order handling process. It has enabled employees to take orders in as few as three clicks, effectively reducing the time previously required when entering orders at the POS counter.

The software, which is simple and intuitive to use, has also significantly reduced the time needed to induct new employees and has ensured that the entire premises remains high quality and efficient. The training process has become much quicker and hassle-free, and new staff can find detailed information on all items served in the pub in one place from within the app.

The system has also helped the venue manager: it has enabled more efficient management and full control of the outlet, even when away from the venue. Employee billing, which was particularly time-consuming, has become a breeze, thanks to the storage of essential data - such as working time, start and end times, or the rate assigned to a particular position - in one place.

Mobile waiters

Mobile waiters proved to be a particularly welcome solution, which - in line with the establishment's expectations - effectively reduced customer service times and further improved the quality of work for all staff. Employees were equipped with tablets with GoPOS sales software, which eliminated the previous need to take orders on cards. The system allowed them to be conveniently picked up directly at the guests' tables and then - in a few clicks - automatically transferred to the kitchen, without the need to constantly run to the POS station and enter individual order data into the system each time. This has reduced the three-step process of taking and handling an order to a single step - entering the data on the tablet. Once the dish is prepared, the status information is automatically sent and also appears on the waiter's tablet.

Employees are thus able to serve more guests in a shorter time, which has a direct impact on faster table turnover and, in practice, means more sales for the establishment. In addition, they have been assigned to specific tables, which has made it possible to maintain order in their work and provide the highest level of service, to the guests visiting the premises.

The mobile devices, together with the sales system, have made it easier to serve the guests. Thanks to them, waiters can show the consumer what the dish he or she has ordered looks like and the employee himself or herself can offer the best-fitting toppings, assigned as 'suggested'. As a result, even new waiters, without knowing the entire menu, can make suggestive sales.

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Mobile Waiters is a solution created for our premises. Tablet service has made the job of our staff much easier, as they can take an entire order in just a few clicks and send it immediately to the kitchen. It is a huge convenience for new staff too, as the app is simple and intuitive to use. The system has also helped to streamline the work of the manager, who can now compare and manage the premises at any time and place thanks to various reports. Access to all the data has significantly reduced the time I previously needed to prepare all the statements. Now that the software does this for me, I can concentrate on other activities.

Beata Puciłowska
Manager, Międzymiastowa

GoKDS system

The GoKDS system introduced in the kitchen has greatly facilitated the work of the cooks and reduced many of the errors that staff previously faced when receiving individual orders on slips of paper. The kitchen now receives precise guidelines for all ordered items, so that staff do not get lost in too much chaotic data or the order in which dishes are served. The cooks have a screen in front of them on which they change the status of orders with a single click: they mark them as accepted, processed and ready for collection. The waiter can also see the information about the various stages, so that he no longer has to run around checking whether the dish is already prepared.

Loyalty programmes GoClient

The loyalty programmes introduced allowed employees to purchase selected promotions and personalised discounts through loyalty cards or vouchers. This allows the premises to create any discounts and generate promotional campaigns - completely customised. The manager are also free to decide which products or categories to include, or on which days and times to apply.

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Thanks to the combination of the Mobile Waiter and the KDS system, guest service time was reduced by 54%, where the speed of the waiter's customer service along with the immediate transfer of the order to the kitchen is responsible for 68% of this result. It is worth mentioning that the average waiting time for guests to get their meal was reduced by 9 minutes and to receive their bill by 5 minutes. All this translates into faster table turnover, by up to 22%. The functionalities introduced have eliminated the problem of queues building up in front of the POS counter and have significantly improved the work of waiters. As a result, they are able to serve customers faster and, consequently, process even more orders in a shorter time. All of this has also contributed to the increased satisfaction of guests, who can preview selected items on the tablet screen before they decide to place their final order. The option to display all suggested items has significantly increased the value of orders and made it easier for waiters to suggest extras for different orders. Communication between the room and the kitchen has also been improved. From now on, staff send information about a new or ready-to-collect order with a single click, making it reach the customer in question even faster.

Increase in speed of service by
Faster meal delivery by
Faster turnover of tables

By automatically generating accurate reports to analyse sales, the manager saved an average of 24h of work. Automatic time accounting for the entire team resulted in a saving of 48h, and monitoring of lateness shifted to saving an average of 10h of employee work.

Save hours on report generation
Saving hours on employee billing
More employee working hours
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When creating our software, we strive to ensure that customers are provided with a comprehensive solution, yet one that is tailored to their individual needs. After all, every venue is different and its challenges vary according to many aspects. At Międzymiastowa, we have ensured that the system effectively improves and speeds up guest service, as well as facilitating the work of waiters. We enriched the solutions with loyalty programmes that further enhance the restaurant's unique offering.

Grzegorz Kożuchowski
General director, GoPOS

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