Mifare NFC proximity cards

NFC Mifare cards are designed to control and analyse employee activities, handle loyalty cards and log on to a POS terminal. In the absence of a built-in module to read them, it is possible to purchase an NFC Mifare RFID card reader to solve this problem.

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 Mifare NFC proximity cards
NFC Mifare cards are designed to control and analyse employee activ

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Mifare proximity cards - fully compatible with NFC standards

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Discover the benefits of <strong>Mifare NFC cards</strong>

Discover the benefits of Mifare NFC cards

NFC contactless cards are one of the most popular tools for contactless data exchange, and a great way to read them instantly from a short distance. They can be used to log into GoPOS on payment terminals and create and operate loyalty cards for regular customers in catering establishments, among other things.

  • The easiest way to create loyalty programmes
  • Durable in use
  • Can be printed with your own imprint
<strong>RFID reader</strong>

RFID reader

Your POS touch terminal doesn't have a built-in NFC card reader? No problem! Reach for the NFC Mifare RFID card reader and get rid of the problem. The reader allows you to automatically read NFC cards that are within 8 cm of the equipment. The device is fully compatible with most POS devices and ensures fast and trouble-free operation.

  • NFC card support
  • Compatible with Windows and Android operating systems
  • Minimalist and elegant design

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