Posnet Vero - your comprehensive POS

Posnet Vero is a comprehensive POS kit, combining a fiscal printer, POS sales platform and GoPOS sales system, which also provides integration with a payment terminal. With its All in One solution and small and compact dimensions, the equipment will fit into any point of sale. Compared to traditional POS kits, Vero is distinguished by its extremely attractive price, comprising only a one-off fee of 1999 pln for the printer, for which there is an additional relief of 700 PLN from the Tax Office, and a monthly subscription starting from 100 PLN for the rental of the hardware platform and sales application.

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 Posnet Vero - your comprehensive POS
**Posnet Vero** is a comprehensive POS kit, combining a f

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One device - all POS functions

Choose Posnet Vero and enjoy all the functionality of a full POS suite, in just one device. Reduce costs, save on extra space and rely on the most modern solutions on the market.

Discover the benefits of <strong>Posnet Vero</strong>

Discover the benefits of Posnet Vero

The Posnet device was developed for those entrepreneurs who need multifunctional devices that are user-friendly and attractively priced. The combination of essential elements such as an online fiscal printer, POS sales platform and sales application guarantees convenience of use and extraordinary savings in both space and costs. The equipment is entirely manufactured by Posnet, which further ensures the technological stability of the device.

  • Expanded POS set in one device
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Runs on the Android 11 operating system
  • Full lifetime warranty of the POS platform
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Posnet Vero - ergonomics and modernity

Posnet Vero - ergonomics and modernity

The Posnet Vero is equipped with a 10.1' touchscreen with a resolution of 1280x800. The equipment meets all the standards of a modern fiscal device and has a complete set of necessary interfaces for connecting it to additional devices, such as a payment terminal, barcode scanner, scale or cashier drawer. In addition, it also has the possibility to send an e-paragon, and in the future to accept contactless payments thanks to NFC technology.

  • 10.1" touchscreen with 1280x800 resolution and 16 million colours
  • WiFi, bluetooth, ethernet and USB output communication ports
  • Ejectable printing mechanism and 60 m paper roll

Technical data

Printer typeFiscal
Communication with CRKYes
Method of connection with CRKEthernet, USB, bluetooth, Wifi
Number of PLU rates250000

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Ideal for?

Ideal for?

Due to its small size and portability, the device is perfect for outlets with limited retail space. It is an equipment particularly recommended for small or medium-sized outlets. Where in particular would Posnet Vero be the best choice?

  • In the catering industry, particularly for small or medium-sized outlets
  • In the retail industry
  • In the service industry
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Recommended for small catering, retail and service businesses.
Monthly subscription price. The additional one-off fee for the printer is 1999 PLN.
Chosen by 71% of clients
Recommended for small catering, retail and service businesses.
Monthly subscription price. The additional one-time fee for the printer is PLN 1999.

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