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Posnet SKL Drawer

The Posnet cash drawer is a durable and solid device that has been designed for the most demanding users. It is a response to the growing market demand for universal and reliable drawers that will serve users for a long time.

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 Posnet SKL Drawer
The Posnet cash drawer is a durable and solid device that has been designed for

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Posnet cash drawer - open up to reliability

Are you looking for the perfect cash drawer for your gastronomy point? Check what features Posnet SKL drawer has and choose a device that has proven successful and has been used by thousands of restaurateurs.

Discover the advantages of Posnet SKL

Discover the advantages of Posnet SKL

The Posnet SKL drawer has 8 compartments for banknotes, which are adapted to the dimensions of Polish zlotys and Euro. In addition, it is also equipped with a 9-compartment coin holder. The device can be opened in two ways: by command from the POS position or by using a key. It is possible to install the equipment under the table top, thanks to which it will not be visible to guests from outside the local.

  • Solid and durable construction ensuring high safety
  • Smooth and reliable work
  • Lots of compartments for banknotes and coins
  • Possibility to install a drawer under the table top
Bet on proven equipment

Bet on proven equipment

The Posnet cash drawer is a device that can boast of a large crowd of fans. In addition to the use of high-quality materials, manufacturers have additionally equipped them with metal, ball guides that allow for long and quiet operation of the equipment. The device can be purchased both from us and our partners.

  • Compatible with most fiscal devices
  • The system is powered by an impulse in the range of 5-12V
  • Practical dimensions 415 x 417 x 130 mm
  • 2 different drawer opening options

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Choose a set and save money

Choose a set and save money

Find out in which sets you will find the Posnet SKL drawer. Check the recommended equipment and remember that by deciding to buy in a package, you can save up to several hundred zlotys on devices!

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A drawer that gives a sense of security and work comfort

A drawer that gives a sense of security and work comfort

Posnet SKL is a device that has been used in all types of gastronomy, from small cafes to large restaurants. Choose a Posnet cash drawer that will become a key element of your sales!

  • Can be placed under a desk or table top
  • It will be used in any kind of local
  • You will open it in no time
  • Designed for the most demanding users

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SKL cash drawer
Durable and robust cash drawer.
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