QuickScan Lite QW2100 scanner

The QuickScan Lite QW2100 is a high-quality code reader with multiple applications. Thanks to its universal functionalities, it will work well in different types of business. The light weight and ergonomic design of the device ensure high comfort at work. Choose a scanner that will allow you to sell even faster and more efficiently!

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 QuickScan Lite QW2100 scanner
The QuickScan Lite QW2100 is a high-quality code reader with mul

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QuickScan Lite QW2100 scanner - A scanner tailored to the needs of any business

Are you looking for a convenient and efficient scanner? See what the QuickScan Lite QW2100 code reader will surprise you and choose a solution suitable for all types of sales!

Explore the capabilities of the <strong>QuickScan Lite QW2100</strong> scanner

Explore the capabilities of the QuickScan Lite QW2100 scanner

A reader with a simple, versatile design and equally versatile functionality. With a thinner and brighter scanning line than other readers, the device features a wide reading angle. This allows it to scan even long and wide codes, most commonly found on invoices and bills.

  • "Green spot" system, indicating the code setting to be scanned
  • Automatic mode
  • Reading speed up to 400 scans/second
Convenience and functionality

Convenience and functionality

The Datalogic scanner is equipped with a universal stand, designed for maximum comfort - it has a movable head, suitable for different scanning angle settings. You can also fold the stand and use it as a convenient handle. The scanner is characterized by high durability thanks to the IP42 waterproof standard and resistance to falls from a height of up to 1.5 m. The equipment allows you to read 1D codes with a resolution of 4 mils. It is equipped with a linear imager scanning module, enabling even more precise scanning.

  • Reading distance up to 60 cm
  • Dimensions 170 x 65 x 70 mm
  • Light weight - only 119 g
  • USB (QW2120) or RS232+KBW (QW2170) interfaces
  • Readout trigger button
  • Detachable transmission cable

Technical data

Type of scannerWired handheld scanner
Read codes1D
Resolution4 mils
Reading distanceup to 60 cm

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Scanner ideal not only for trade

Scanner ideal not only for trade

The QuickScan Lite QW2100 scanner is perfect for any type of sales. It was created to meet the diverse needs of many types of business - retail stores, offices, gas stations and pharmacies. Useful functionalities, ergonomic design, small size and light weight make the scanner suitable for both small and large premises.

  • Adaptation to the needs of different types of business
  • High quality at a good price
  • Precision and reliability

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QuickScan Lite QW2100 scanner
A lightweight and convenient barcode scanner.
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