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Sunmi is a well-known and respected manufacturer of POS terminals - desktop and mobile, tablets, self-service kiosks and many other devices. Its mission is to provide the highest quality products and IT solutions for external companies, including restaurants around the world. The first products from this manufacturer appeared in our offer at the end of 2021.

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 Sunmi devices
Sunmi is a well-known and respected manufacturer of POS terminals - desktop and mo

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Unflagging interest in products

Unflagging interest in products

The company, straight from China - Sunmi - has been operating on the market since 2013 and during this period it has dynamically developed and constantly improves its products, thanks to which they managed to quickly enter foreign markets. The great price-quality ratio and the extraordinary functionality of the devices made their products very popular and as of today their solutions have been implemented in over 1.5 million points of sale.

High quality at a low price

High quality at a low price

The extensive offer of POS terminals means that each of the restaurateurs will certainly find something for themselves. The manufacturer offers as many as 13 models of terminals, which are in different classes and price ranges. The devices run on Android, making them fully compatible with the GoPOS sales software and our other products and modules. Check out the D2s lite terminal, as well as the Sunmi V2s created for mobile sales, which you will find in our offer.

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Start Mobile Sales

Start Mobile Sales

Are you looking to speed up your waiter service? Enter mobile waiters using a dedicated piece of equipment - Sunmi V2s, which has all the necessary functions for fast and smooth sales. The device features a long-lasting battery with a smart chip, ensuring long terminal life, as well as a built-in thermal printer. With such a solution, you will flawlessly take orders directly at the tables and serve more guests in less time!

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