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Posnet is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of fiscal equipment. Products coming from this company are characterised by high quality of workmanship, ergonomics and stability. Their range includes the All in One multifunctional device, the Vero, as well as both small mobile cash registers and fiscal printers and slightly larger devices designed for any business.

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 Posnet devices
Posnet is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of fiscal equipment. Products com

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Find out more about one of the leaders in fiscal equipment on the Polish gastronomy market.

Multiple award-winning brand

Multiple award-winning brand

Posnet is an established company with great plans for the future. It was established in 1993 and each year it can boast of a growing number of customers using their services. The brand has been awarded numerous prizes and certificates, such as "Golden Customer Laurel", "Solid Company" or "Good Design".

Check out the All in One solution

Check out the All in One solution

The brand has an innovative Vero device on offer. It's a combination of a fiscal printer, POS sales platform and GoPOS sales system, also providing integration with a payment terminal. The equipment has compact dimensions, so it will fit into any, even the smallest point of sale. Vero not only saves space, but also money - the device is more than half the price of a standard POS set!

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Discover <strong>Posnet's terminals</strong>

Discover Posnet's terminals

The manufacturer boasts a wide range of POS terminals in its offer. Among them we can distinguish both medium-sized 15" devices, as well as much larger ones, such as the Elo 22i with a diagonal of 21", which can be purchased directly from us. These devices, depending on their size and purpose, can be: stationary POS point of sale, an additional screen in the kitchen in the form of KDS (Kitchen Display System) or be used as self-service kiosks.

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Fiscal printer leader

Fiscal printer leader

Posnet also offers an extremely wide range of fiscal devices. In its offer you will find devices ranging from portable mobile cash registers to larger fiscal printers. Posnet printers are a guarantee of the highest quality of work and solid workmanship. Among them is the Thermal XL Online, the printer most frequently chosen by our customers.

Get to know Posnet devices!

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