Terminal iMin Swan 1 + Thermal XL Online + iMin KDS K1-101 + License GoPOS Pro 12 months

Improve sales and customer service in your premises by choosing a set of modern devices with GoPOS Pro sales license for 12 months. Take advantage of the promotional price and bet on the best solution for your business!

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 Terminal iMin Swan 1 + Thermal XL Online + iMin KDS K1-101 + License GoPOS Pro 12 months
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iMin Swan 1 Terminal Set + Thermal XL Online Printer + iMin KDS K1-101 + Pro 12 Month License

Meet <strong>the iMin Swan 1 terminal</strong>!

Meet the iMin Swan 1 terminal!

The iMin Swan 1 terminal is the perfect solution for any business where reliable sales are essential. The equipment is characterized by high quality workmanship, so it will serve you for a long time. The large, easy-to-read 15.6" screen provides comfort of work, and the modern, minimalist design makes iMin Swan 1 fit perfectly into the interior of any premises.

  • 15.6" screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Multiple communication ports
  • Mobility and endless placement possibilities
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Choose a <strong>Posnet Thermal XL Online</strong> fiscal printer

Choose a Posnet Thermal XL Online fiscal printer

The Posnet Thermal XL Online is one of the most popular fiscal printer models. The device provides smooth and reliable operation even in heavy traffic. Durable construction made of high-quality materials guarantees a long life of the equipment.

  • Printing speed of up to 47 lines/s
  • Possibility to preview cashier operations
  • High quality printing mechanism
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Buy <strong>iMin KDS K1-101</strong>!

Buy iMin KDS K1-101!

The iMin KDS K1-101 is a reliable equipment that will further improve the work of cooks in your restaurant. The device is adapted to work in harsh kitchen conditions - smoke, steam and high temperatures will not interfere with its operation. Combine the K1-101 with system GoKDS and take care of flawless communication between the kitchen and the room in your establishment!

  • Rugged anti-dust construction
  • Large 21.5" touchscreen display
  • Android 11 series with iMin UI
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<strong>GoPOS Pro</strong>


GoPOS is a modern, innovative and trouble-free sales system. It allows you to comprehensively and professionally manage your premises from a desktop computer or any personal device. The application runs on both Android and Windows and will work perfectly in any premises.

  • Advanced sales reports
  • Ability to assign specific rates to an employee
  • Works even if the Internet is temporarily unavailable
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<strong>Choose a set at a discounted price</strong>!

Choose a set at a discounted price!

Don't overpay! Decide on a set of Terminal iMin Swan 1 + Thermal XL Online Printer + iMin KDS K1-101 + Pro 12-month license at an attractive lower price. Create a fully functional sales station in your premises and save even PLN 1347 by choosing the package!

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The set includes: iMin Swan 1 terminal + Thermal XL Online printer + iMin KDS K1-101 + Pro 12 month license.
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