Virtual cash registers

Virtual cash registers are cash registers in the form of software installed on a computer, smartphone or other device. They allow both efficient recording of sales and integration with a printer to print receipts. Find out more details to effectively streamline the sales process in your business!

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 Virtual cash registers
Virtual cash registers are cash registers in the form of software insta

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<strong>How do virtual cash registers work?</strong>

How do virtual cash registers work?

Virtual cash registers are state-of-the-art devices designed to record sales and provide real-time transaction data thanks to their connection to the Central Repository of Cash Registers. The virtual cash register can be installed on a mobile device of your choice, such as a smartphone or tablet. The selected equipment must be connected to a receipt printer and also be fiscalized. Fiscalisation, is the connection that allows the information from the virtual cash register to be transferred to the Central Repository of Cash Registers. You will only carry out such a fiscalisation in cash register operation mode, when the cash register database does not yet have any data - apart from the unique number. How much does it cost? If you already have a printer or a device on which you want to install the system, by opting for a virtual cash register you only pay for the software in the form of a subscription specified by the manufacturer!

Entrepreneurs entitled to use virtual cash registers are listed in Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Finance of 29 May 2020 on groups of taxpayers or types of activities for which it is possible to use cash registers having the form of software and are related to, among others, services:

  • Hotel and accommodation-related
  • Accommodation, tourist accommodation and other provision of short-stay accommodation
  • Restaurants and other catering establishments
  • Catering
  • The preparation and serving of beverages
<strong>Multiple benefits in one</strong>

Multiple benefits in one

Virtual cash registers offer a wide range of possibilities for your business. The software simplifies your sales and features a wide range of functionalities.

  • Make remote fiscal adjustments in a few minutes
  • Issue non-fiscal and fiscal receipts and e-paragraphs
  • Integrate cash registers with payment terminals
  • Install on any device and easily analyse sales results
  • Achieve the highest level of data security
  • Make all changes yourself
  • Store data in the secure cloud

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