Novitus Bono Online

The Bono Online fiscal printer is a modern and functional device that has been equipped with backlit buttons and 2 LCD graphic screens, designed to increase the comfort of the cashier's work. The equipment belongs to the segment of the most advanced fiscal devices and it is one of the most common choices among our customers who are looking for an alternative to more expensive printers.

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 Novitus Bono Online
The Bono Online fiscal printer is a modern and functional device that has been

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Bono Online fiscal printer - convenience above all

Are you looking for a reliable fiscal printer? Check what features Novitus Bono has and choose a device that suits your needs!

Find out about the advantages of Novitus Bono Online

Find out about the advantages of Novitus Bono Online

The Bono Online fiscal printer is equipped with an efficient and durable "clamshell" printing mechanism, more commonly known as "throw in and work". A copy of the printouts is saved in the internal protective memory, which can be read or printed at any time on a computer. The device supports the acceptance of payment cards and enables cooperation with a pinpad.

  • Highest data security
  • High quality
  • Convenient cooperation with other devices (e.g. payment cards)
  • Possibility of remote management
Modern technology enclosed in an ergonomic housing

Modern technology enclosed in an ergonomic housing

Novitus Bono Online enables the connection and transfer of data to the Central Repository of Cash Registers (CRK) via the ICT network. Bono Online fiscal printers are equipped with 2 large, navy blue graphic displays with a resolution of 132 x 32 pixels on the client's side and 132 x 64 pixels on the cashier's side. The device offers a wide range of non-fiscal printouts and the possibility of placing the NIP number of the buyer on the fiscal receipt.

  • Unlimited number of cashiers on the printer
  • 7 programmable PTU rates
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 4.096 MB flash memory

Technical data

Printer typeFiscal
Communication with CRKYes
Method of connection with CRKEthernet, WLAN
Number of items in the database1 000 000

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A printer with versatile use

A printer with versatile use

Novitus Bono is intended mainly for smaller and medium-sized gastronomy, where sales are conducted from a terminal POS, and the printer itself complements this stand. Perfect for cafes, food trucks, donut shops or small restaurants. The small size means that you will be able to easily place it almost anywhere in the premises.

  • Intended mainly for smaller and medium gastronomy
  • A stable selling point
  • Doesn't take up much space

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Novitus Bono Online
Advanced fiscal printer equipped with 2 graphic LCD screens.
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