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Fiscal cash registers and printers

Fiscal cash registers and printers are one of the inseparable elements of a well-functioning sales stand in the catering industry. Based on the type of printer, we can distinguish between stationary devices, intended for on-premises sales, and mobile devices, intended for off-premises sales. Our offer includes a wide selection of cash registers and fiscal printers from manufacturers Novitus and Posnet, who are leaders in the production of fiscal equipment on the Polish market.

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 Fiscal cash registers and printers
Fiscal cash registers and printers are one of the inseparable e

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Manufacturers of fiscal printers

Get to know the leading fiscal printer manufacturers and see what sets them apart from the rest.

<strong>Posnet fiscal printers</strong>

Posnet fiscal printers

Posnet's printers are hugely popular and trusted by a wide range of restaurateurs. They range from smaller devices for mobile sales to larger ones for stationary sales. Posnet's printers enable trouble-free and reliable operation even during heavy restaurant traffic, and additionally feature a number of numerous conveniences, such as the ability to program different currencies. The manufacturer also offers an All in One solution - the Vero device, combining a fiscal printer, POS sales platform and GoPOS sales system, also providing integration with a payment terminal.

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<strong>Novitus fiscal printers</strong>

Novitus fiscal printers

Fiscal printers are key products of Novitus. These devices have repeatedly been awarded numerous prizes for their high quality of workmanship and outstanding functionality. Novitus fiscal printers have found application and are successfully used throughout the HoReCa industry. Currently more than 1,000,000 fiscal devices on the market bear the Novitus logo, which may attest to high consumer confidence in the brand.

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