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The Novitus Deon fiscal printer is a device that is dedicated to both stationary and field work. It is a piece of equipment which, due to its small size and high power, is very popular among our customers. It supports communication with the Central Repository of Cash Registers (CRK), in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of May 28, 2018 on the criteria and technical conditions that must be met by fiscal recording devices.

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 Novitus Deon Online
The Novitus Deon fiscal printer is a device that is dedicated to both stationa

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Novitus Deon Online - sell as you like

Are you looking for a fiscal printer that will allow you to sell both stationary and mobile? Get to know the Novitus Deon Online fiscal printer and check how it stands out from other devices.

Explore the advantages of Novitus Deon Online

Explore the advantages of Novitus Deon Online

Deon Online belongs to the family of Novitus Online Power devices, i.e. to printers characterized by reliability and extremely high work efficiency. The equipment works on Linux and guarantees stable and fast operation even during increased traffic and registration of many transactions every day. When fully charged, the device is able to issue up to 3,000 fiscal receipts. An unquestionable advantage of Deon Online is the function that puts the device to sleep when no one is using it.

  • Efficient and durable battery
  • Possibility to work in the field
  • Automatic "putting to sleep" device
Elegant design and solid housing

Elegant design and solid housing

The Novitus Deon fiscal printer is made of high-quality materials that guarantee the reliability of the device even during field work in difficult weather conditions. Shock, splash and dust resistant. The equipment is equipped with a "throw in and work" mechanism, which allows you to quickly change the paper roll and further work of cashiers. The Deon Online panel has an alphabetical keyboard consisting of 23 keys, which will allow for efficient use of the seller's menu.

  • High quality
  • Extensive seller menu
  • Print mechanism "put in and work"
Efficient processor and extensive memory

Efficient processor and extensive memory

The Deon Online model can boast of the presence of quite strong components when looking at the size of the device. Compact dimensions, however, do not in any way prevent free sales. The equipment, apart from various communication ports (RS-232, USB, Ethernet), also has various communication protocols. Additionally, Novitus Deon Online can be extended with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interface, which will allow for connection with other elements of system solutions.

  • 524 MHz processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 4.096 MB flash memory

Technical data

Printer typeFiscal
Communication with CRKYes
Method of connection with CRKEthernet, Wifi*
Number of items in the database1 000 000

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The Novitus Deon Online fiscal printer enables sales both on-site and in the field. However, due to its specificity and compact size, it is recommended in the former case as a stationary point of sale for smaller eateries. The equipment can also be used as an auxiliary tool that will enable the service of guests waiting in the queue to enter or purchase a ticket, which will significantly help in improving customer service time. It is a specific alternative to other, more expensive and more advanced fiscal printers.

  • Mobile fiscal device
  • Does not take up much space- Possibility to sell on site and in the field

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Novitus Deon Online
Fiscal printer allowing for both stationary and field work.
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