Novitus HD Online fiscal printer

Novitus HD Online fiscal printer is a device designed for the most demanding customers in the gastronomy industry. They are characterized by failure-free operation and the ability to work at top speed, regardless of the intensity of traffic in the premises.HD Online is definitely one of the most versatile and universal printers from the manufacturer Novitus. The equipment enables the display of animated advertisements on the display screen, thanks to which it can also be used as an advertising medium.

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 Novitus HD Online fiscal printer
Novitus HD Online fiscal printer is a device designed for the

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Novitus HD Online - data security at the highest level

Are you looking for an advanced fiscal printer for your gastronomy point? Check what features HD Online has and focus on quality!

Discover the advantages of <strong>Novitus HD Online</strong>

Discover the advantages of Novitus HD Online

Novitus HD Online fiscal printer is one of the fastest device of this type available on the Polish market. Additionally, it is the only one with a color 4.3 ”TFT display working in High Color mode with the possibility of displaying advertising animations. The equipment is equipped with a simplified paper loading system known more widely as the "insert and work" mechanism, and also has a built-in automatic paper cutter, which will improve the process of issuing receipts.

  • Premium class device
  • Large TFT color display with advertising option
  • Built-in "throw in and work" mechanism
  • Fast in action
Highest data security

Highest data security

Novitus HD Online allows you to secure the physical keyboard with a self-set password to the printer menu. This function prevents the possibility of making sales reports and daily reports by persons who do not have the appropriate permissions to do so. Data is protected by the TMP module as well as two-way authentication during network communication. The device supports communication with the Central Repository of Cash Registers (CRK) and allows you to connect to it devices such as: fiscal printer, voucher printer or cash register.

  • Highest data security
  • Communication with CRK
  • Compatibility with external devices

Technical data

Printer typeFiscal
Communication with CRKYes
Method of connection with CRKLAN
Number of items in the database1 000 000

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For medium and large gastronomy

For medium and large gastronomy

HD Online will be used in any type of gastronomic activity, while it will be best suited and will be able to use its full potential in places with high traffic. Numerous, extensive functions of the printer will make customer service go to a much higher level, and you will say goodbye to the problem of too slow receipts once and for all.

  • Intended rather for medium and large dining establishments
  • It will be perfect even during increased traffic in a restaurant
  • A stable selling point

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Novitus HD Online
Advanced fiscal printer of premium class.
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