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Novitus Next Online is one of the most popular cash registers. The touch screen improves all processes performed on it. The device has many functions and allows access to detailed business data.

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Advantages of Novitus Next Online

Advantages of Novitus Next Online

Novitus cash registers are undoubtedly one of the most famous and valued devices on the catering market. In 2018, the Next Online model was awarded the prestigious award of the Teraz Polska Promotional Emblem in the "innovative product" category. The cash register is made using the latest technologies and has a very simple and clear interface. The TMP module and two-way authentication are responsible for data security. The Novitus Next Online cash register is fully compatible with the GoPOS software.

  • Highest data security
  • Instant printing of receipts
  • Works without the Internet
  • Communication with CRK
  • Individual assignment of functions to each field on the screen
  • 5 colors to describe each function
Technical data of Novitus Next Online

Technical data of Novitus Next Online

Model Next allows for extremely efficient and effective work in the premises. It is possible to assign a function to each of the fields on the display in order to improve the sales process. The device is fully synchronized with the NoviCloud application and any number of cashiers can work on it. The equipment allows you to create non-fiscal printouts and sends sales data via e-mail.

  • LINUX + Android operating system
  • 2x 1000MHz + 524 MHz processor
  • 1024 MB + 256 MB RAM
  • 4,096MB + 4,096MB flash memory
  • Dimensions: 262 x 96 x 242 mm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
The use of equipment

The use of equipment

Novitus Next Online is a device aimed mainly at smaller restaurateurs. It also works great as a selection tool in the club. The Next Online model belongs to the family of Novitus Online Power devices, which are characterized by extremely high efficiency and power. Users also appreciate it for: the ability to search for goods by name or the ability to send e-mails from it. Application:

  • Small and medium-sized restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Clubs and pubs
  • FoodTrucki
  • Pizza places
  • Convenience stores
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