Novitus One Online

The Novitus One Online fiscal cash register is a combination of high power and a touch screen enclosed in an elegant, small device. The prefix "One" in this case means one, only, unique, and the manufacturer himself describes the equipment as one of the best cash registers he has managed to produce during 25 years of operation on the market.

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 Novitus One Online
The Novitus One Online fiscal cash register is a combination of high power and

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Novitus One Online - combination of a cash register and a smartphone

Are you looking for a small and mobile cash register for your business? Check what features Novitus One has and choose a proven device that will perfectly match your needs!

Check out the advantages of Novitus One Online

Check out the advantages of Novitus One Online

The One Online model is one of the flagship products of the Novitus manufacturer. The equipment, due to its small size, will enable fast stationary and mobile sales. It is a device that is very popular among waiters and ticket sellers who want to quickly serve a large number of guests. The cash register makes it possible to create an individual, personalized appearance of the sales panel, thanks to the possibility of self-programming the buttons.

  • Easy and intuitive sale
  • Access to detailed sales reports
  • Possibility of free programming of buttons
  • Small dimensions
One step ahead of the competition

One step ahead of the competition

Novitus One Online is undoubtedly a cash register that stands out from other devices of this type. The equipment is equipped with a touch, 5-inch display with high resolution, which is covered with tempered glass. Thanks to the large, durable (removable) battery, we can work on it for many hours without having to connect the device to the power supply. The One Online model allows you to record goods and contractors. In addition, we can issue invoices, control inventory and open bills, and the equipment offers many additional unique options that cannot be found in other cash registers.

The only one of its kind

The only one of its kind

The latest Android system guarantees stable operation for many years, regardless of future challenges, and also allows you to install additional sales applications on the device. Manufacturers declare that this is one of their best fiscal devices over the last 25 years. Novitus One Online has all the necessary communication ports that allow you to connect other devices.

  • Connectivity with CRK via LAN / WiFi cable-
  • Display on the cashier's and customer's side
  • Dimensions: 92 x 51 x 207 mm
  • Weight: 0.67 kg

Technical data

Cash register typeOnline
Communication with CRKYes
Method of connection with CRKLAN, Wifi, (GSM option)
Number of items in the databaseNo limits

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Two faces of Novitus One

Two faces of Novitus One

Novitus One Online fiscal cash register as a sales stand is intended mainly for small gastronomy, but has also been used in medium and large premises. Due to its small size, it can function as a mobile point of sale, which will allow for efficient service of guests waiting in the queue for payment. In restaurants, it enables faster table rotation, thanks to which we are able to serve more customers during the day.

  • It can be used in any type of business
  • It allows you to serve more customers in less time
  • Doesn't take up much space

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Novitus One Online
Small and handy fiscal cash register equipped with the Android system.
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