POS terminals

POS terminals are the heart of any thriving restaurant sales station. Our offer includes 6 different, available sales terminals intended mainly for the gastronomy. We work with the largest Polish companies that deal with the production of POS terminals, such as Posnet and Novitus. We also have our proprietary solution - Android 15 ”POS Terminal, which enjoys unflagging popularity among our customers.

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 POS terminals
POS terminals are the heart of any thriving restaurant sales station. Our offer in

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POS touch terminals

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Manufacturers of POS touch terminals

Poznaj bliżej wiodących producentów terminali POS i dowiedz się więcej na temat ich działalności oraz specycfiki działania.

<strong>GoPOS Terminal</strong>

GoPOS Terminal

The Android 15” POS terminal is our proprietary product, which can only be purchased directly from us or our business partners. It is a kind of alternative to more expensive devices of this type and** is characterized by a great price-quality ratio**. The modern and, at the same time, minimalist design makes the device a decoration of the premises and at the same time functional equipment.

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<strong>Sunmi Terminals</strong>

Sunmi Terminals

The Asian company Sunmi is a well-known and appreciated worldwide manufacturer of fiscal devices and POS touch terminals. Their solutions have already been implemented in over 1.5 million sales points. Now you can buy the T2s Lite model from us, which guarantees high functionality and great components at an extremely attractive price. The terminal can function as a stationary POS point of sale, as well as additional support for the work of chefs in the form of an innovative KDS.

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<strong>Novitus Terminals</strong>

Novitus Terminals

Novitus terminals are among the leading devices of this type available on the Polish market. Novitus POS devices with the GoPOS sales system are a great combination that has been used in both smaller and larger gastronomy.

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<strong>Posnet Terminals</strong>

Posnet Terminals

Posnet is one of the leading manufacturers of devices intended for the catering industry and the HoReCa sector on the Polish market. Their rich offer includes both medium-sized 15" and slightly larger 21" touch POS terminals, which, together with the GoPOS sales system, can constitute an element of a sales stand or support chefs in the form of a modern solution , such as the KDS system (Kitchen Display System).

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