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Do you sell on or want to implement this channel? Try the integration with the portal and receive all your orders in one place. Save 67% of costs on additional devices and receive orders flawlessly, even if they come from several sources. Control your sales on the platform and compare them to others with comprehensive reports, accessible from any location and personal device.

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 Integration GoPOS with
Do you sell on or want to implement this channel? T

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Integrate your POS with!

Explore the integration capabilities available in GoHub and manage everything from one device!

Try out our software now and improve your business like never before!

Take orders on one screen

Take orders on one screen

Minimize the hardware needed to take orders from Receive everything on your POS and manage your orders from one place.

  • Minimise costs and get rid of additional equipment
  • Reduce errors by 40% with automatic order taking on a single panel
  • Accept and reject orders with a single click
  • Eliminate manual data entry

You too can make effective deliveries!

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Monitor sales on the platform

Monitor sales on the platform

Learn all about your online sales and see which channel is generating the most profit. Create reports in seconds and know your business like never before.

  • Find out what your customers order most
  • See which places and days you process the most orders online
  • Analyse sales from any device with data stored in the secure cloud
Change menus with a single click

Change menus with a single click

Want to add seasonal options or modify a card? Make any changes 84% faster and update them on the platform with a single click.

  • Accelerate changes
  • Update menus in bulk, on several portals simultaneously
  • Run out of a product? Take advantage of the possibility to block items directly from one panel

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Try out the available integrations for 99 PLN / month and store orders from several sources in one system. Leave your details and we will get back to you with more information.

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Discover more integration at the GoHub!

Discover more integration at the GoHub!

Need more integrations? Check out what platforms our systems integrate with!

  • Get orders from all portals in one place
  • Manage your orders comprehensively and eliminate additional devices - you won't need them anymore!
  • Compare sales between different platforms thanks to GoHub integration
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