Integrating GoPOS with Stava couriers

Make deliveries with Stava couriers! Enter the integration and assign orders to external suppliers, directly from one POS screen. Use the reports, check how many deliveries you make and use the services of professionals, saving on additional costs!

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 Integrating GoPOS with Stava couriers
Make deliveries with Stava couriers! Enter the integrati

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Stop worrying about deliveries - let the professionals do it!

Hand over your deliveries to Stava! Save on additional vehicle costs and staff salaries. Don't worry about sudden layoffs and use couriers whenever you need them.

Try out our software now and improve your business like never before!

Opt for external suppliers

Opt for external suppliers

Focus on what you do best - serve delicious takeaways and leave delivery to the experts. Manage your Stava couriers directly from one POS panel and assign orders to them with a single click.

  • Use suppliers and only pay for deliveries actually made
  • Eliminate additional costs such as vehicle purchase, insurance and accident repairs
  • Stop hiring your own suppliers and save on staff salaries
  • Don't worry about constant staff turnover, absenteeism and sudden redundancies
  • Entrust all your delivery logistics to Stava couriers

You too can make effective deliveries!

Don't delay and download your own copy now!

Get access to useful reports

Get access to useful reports

Find out everything about your deliveries! Get access to reports that will help you perform your service to an even higher standard!

  • Check how much your deliveries actually cost
  • Monitor which areas you deliver to most often
  • Compare rates per kilometre of your own and external drivers
  • Store all data in the secure cloud
  • Generate the reports you need in a few seconds

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Try out the available integrations for 99 PLN / month and distribute your deliveries freely among external couriers. Leave your details and we'll get back to you with more information.

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Check out the other integrations and even more possibilities!

Check out the other integrations and even more possibilities!

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  • Uber Eats, Glovo, or Wolt? You will find them all at GoHub!
  • Manage all your orders directly from your POS panel
  • Distribute orders among external couriers and see what other suppliers you can find in GoHub!
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