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Integrations / Uber Eats

Integration with Uber Eats

Use integrations with Uber Eats to save time and reduce errors. View and manage all your orders on one device and accept or cancel them at will.

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Integrations / Uber Eats
Receive your orders in one place

Receive your orders in one place

Using POS, Uber Eats and your own online shop on separate devices? Limit the number of hardware and take all your orders on one screen.

  • Save time with automatic order display
  • Accept or cancel orders from one panel, directly on your POS screen
  • Display orders directly in your kitchen
Manage your orders online

Manage your orders online

Install the integration quickly and easily. Control and manage incoming orders from just one device.

  • Install the integration in just 15 minutes
  • Store reports and data in one place
  • Process customer orders without mistakes

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Speed up online ordering

Speed up online ordering

Customers are increasingly willing to order food online. Speed up delivery and make the whole process convenient and intuitive for your guests.

  • Don't waste time checking orders on different devices
  • Deliver orders faster and increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate possible order mix-ups during delivery
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Reduce errors by
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