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Provide customers with security thanks to the possibility of contactless placing an order. Use innovative solutions for your business to improve and shorten service time.

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Influence guest satisfaction

Did you know that you can generate a QR code that, after scanning, will redirect customers directly to your menu?

  • Put the QR code on the table in your premises
  • Share menu viewing with guests at any time
  • Display the menu in any language thanks to multilingualism

Accelerate order fulfillment

Are you looking for a solution that will save your order processing time and eliminate errors in communication with the kitchen?

  • Keep customers waiting for a waiter to a minimum
  • Let guests order and pay themselves
  • Display your order directly on your kitchen TV screen

Manage your menu

Do you introduce seasonal products or change prices and promotions? Don't waste your time and money printing new menu cards frequently

  • Create an additional menu, e.g. seasonal or promotional
  • Replace paper menu with electronic one
  • Save on card printing costs
  • Use the QR code menu as an add-on in different languages for foreigners

Other GoOrder functions

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