GoPOS - Recommended devices

Discover the most popular appliances in our range. Ensure the best possible equipment for your catering establishment and choose the equipment that best suits your needs. All devices are fully compatible with the GoPOS sales system.

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 GoPOS - Recommended devices
Discover the most popular appliances in our range. Ensure the best

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<strong>POS terminal Android 15"</strong>

POS terminal Android 15"

The POS Android is our own product and can be ordered directly from us and from our partners. The equipment is a kind of alternative for more expensive POS terminals, and at the same time offers a great price/quality ratio. A medium-sized 15" touch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 provides fast, intuitive and, most importantly, accurate work for cashiers.

  • The only one of its kind on the market
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Elegant and modern design
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<strong>Posnet Thermal XL Online</strong>

Posnet Thermal XL Online

The Posnet XL Online is described by the manufacturer as "the diamond among fiscal devices" and it is impossible not to agree with this statement. Its extensive functions and incredible efficiency put it among the best fiscal printers available on the Polish market. Due to its high power, the Posnet Thermal XL is an excellent choice for any catering business - from small outlets, through medium-sized facilities, to larger restaurants.

  • Smooth operation regardless of the level of traffic in the restaurant.
  • Premium device
  • High quality printing mechanism
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<strong>Receipt printer NPOS C300</strong>

Receipt printer NPOS C300

Voucher printers are a complement to the professional and complete equipment of each catering facility. Orders accepted by the POS terminal go directly to the place where NPOS C300 is located, which allows for a significant improvement in communication between employees in the premises, which translates directly into quicker time of giving orders.

  • High productivity
  • Fast to operate
  • Small compact size
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<strong>Posnet SKL drawer</strong>

Posnet SKL drawer

Cash drawer is a device which along with fiscal printer and POS terminal constitutes a complete equipment of a professional catering facility. The Posnet SKL cash drawer has a durable and solid casing, which ensures the highest security of the stored money and receipts from payment terminals. Additionally, 8 note compartments and 9 coin compartments are available.

  • Smooth and reliable operation
  • Can be used in every catering facility
  • Compatible with fiscal devices and POS terminals
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<strong>Novitus One Online</strong>

Novitus One Online

The One Online model is one of the most recognisable products of Novitus. It is a small, portable, 5-inch fiscal cash register, which allows mobile sales, also outside the premises. Apart from catering, it has also found application in amusement parks, including Energylandia, where it enables faster ticket sales and serving more visitors in a shorter time.

  • Access to detailed sales reports
  • Mobile fiscal cash register
  • Handy, small size
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